2016 Master of Design installations at Henry Art Gallery

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Gloria de Liberali
School Alum
Rowen Foster
MFA student, 3D4M: ceramics + glass + sculpture
Althea Fultz
MFA student, 3D4M: ceramics + glass + sculpture
Ellen Garvens
Professor, Photo/Media, Donald E. Petersen Endowed Faculty Fellow
Professor Emeritus, Art History, School Alum
Aaron Flint Jamison
Chair, Photo/Media, Associate Professor, Photo/Media
Morgan MacDonell
MFA student, 3D4M: ceramics + glass + sculpture
Amie McNeel
Associate Professor, 3D4M: ceramics + glass + sculpture
Greg Ruffing
Assistant to the Director of the School, Manager of Faculty Affairs
Assistant Teaching Professor, 3D4M
Laura Stowell
PhD Candidate, Art History
Kira Sue
MA student, Art History, School Alum
Professor Emerita, Art History, School Alum