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Monday – Volume 1

Submitted on February 2, 2018 - 3:37pm
Monday, volume 1


Monday is a limited-edition journal focused on critical art writing in the Pacific Northwest. Published twice a year by the Jacob Lawrence Gallery at the University of Washington School of Art + Art History + Design, it is a platform to support emerging and established critical voices and to help spur new ideas.

In 2017, the Gallery began hosting a series of gatherings for writers and artists to explore the intersection of theory and practice within contemporary art. Reviews and essays from those gatherings are published for the first time in this new journal.

Each volume of Monday is thematically driven, highlighting artists’ writings alongside other diverse perspectives on a particular topic. This inaugural volume, entitled Material Performance, focuses on materiality and transformation. It will be released with a run of 250 bound copies.

There will be a launch party for the first volume of Monday on Wednesday, February 21, 5:30–7:30pm at Peter Miller Books. Space is limited, so please RSVP here.

Table of Contents

Emily Zimmerman, Introduction
Ovid, Metamorphoses
Karen Barad, The Science and Ethics of Mattering
Aaron Flint Jamison, Regarding Spines
Nate Clark, An Interview with Matt Browning
Robert Rhee, Knot Scripts
Charles Mudede, The Political Economy of Basquiat
Jason Groves, Observing the Anthropocene
Francesca Lohmann, Taffy VIII
Leena Joshi, Body #2, Raga 1, Raga 2
Terre Thaemlitz, All’s In Order: “Out of Order” Fashion’s Inability to Divest of Power
Stuart Lingo, Critical Notes from the Past: Some Stakes of Renaissance Art Criticism
Kemi Adeyemi, Repetition Without Accumulation: Radical Black Politics & Temporalities in Martine Syms’s Notes on Gesture
Fionn Meade, Less Event, More Encounter
Emily Pothast, Learning from documenta 14


Volume 1 of Monday will be available at the Jacob Lawrence Gallery. The cost is $15 for students and $20 for all others. Proceeds support the next issue of the journal.