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2020–2021 Scholarships

Submitted on October 3, 2020 - 2:33pm

The School is proud to share our 2020–2021 scholarship recipients.

Due to the generosity of donors, over $211,000 is being awarded this year: $85,000 to incoming students and $126,000 to current students. There are always more students, especially graduate students, who would benefit from support like this. Contact Merith Bennett if you would like to give a gift towards student scholarships.

The recipients this year are:

Incoming Freshmen / Transfer Student Awards

Kathryn Hinckley-Martin Scholarship

  • Sarah Klassen

Crabby Beach Foundation Art Scholarship

  • Gabrielle Brigden
  • Asher Hicks
  • Emilio Monahan
  • Katherine Munoz-Castano
  • Jonathan Narita
  • Ailia Schmid
  • Jacob (Cobi) Stancik
  • Cyril Stanford
  • Hope Terpilowski
  • Zoe Venters-Tsai
  • Carol Zeng

Crabby Beach Foundation Art Scholarship (Returning)

  • Eleanor Failor-Rich
  • Sarah Manor
  • Rosa Sittig-Bell
  • Leila Okorie
  • Kristen Walter

Current Undergraduate + Graduate Student Awards

Division of Art


  • Riley Cook, Jacob and Gwendolyn Lawrence Art Scholarship
  • Carolyn Danos, Dani Elenga Art Scholarship
  • Savannah Demissie, Boyer and Elizabeth Bole Gonzales Scholarship
  • Han Eckelberg, Louis and Katherine Marsh Scholarship in Art
  • Tiffany-Ashton Gatsby, Aurilla M. Doerner Scholarship + Doris Totten Chase Scholarship
  • Anqi He, Parnassus Scholarship
  • Alissa Jean-Baptiste, Dani Elenga Art Scholarship
  • Sylvia Jurgens, Dani Elenga Art Scholarship
  • Kiyoumars Karimi, Patricia and Jack Roberts Student Support
  • Jayce Knerr, Peg Cheng Scholarship for the Arts
  • Carly Larson, Mary Violet Ferguson Art School Scholarship
  • Winny Liu, Dani Elenga Art Scholarship
  • Alexandrea Maerz, Joanne Wood Jacobi Scholarship in Art
  • Behnaz Monzavi, Priscilla and Melvin Wilson Scholarship
  • Leila Okorie, Joanne Bailey Wilson Minority Scholarship
  • Diana Ramirez-Torres, Kottler Noritake Scholarship + Priscilla and Melvin Wilson Scholarship
  • Hannah Sheil, P. Rathvon Family Legacy Scholarship
  • Vegas Jean Vecchio, Dani Elenga Art Scholarship
  • Kristen Walter, Parnassus Scholarship


  • Jia Jia, Boyer and Elizabeth Bole Gonzales Scholarship
  • Quinn McNichol, Boyer and Elizabeth Bole Gonzales Scholarship
  • to be announced, Boyer and Elizabeth Bole Gonzales Scholarship

Division of Art History


  • Monica Ionescu, Milnora Roberts Scholarship
  • Jake Waits, Parnassus Scholarship


  • Tori Champion, Victoria Reed Architectural History Research Award
  • Gloria de Liberali, Lloyd W. Nordstrom Art Scholarship
  • Or Vallah, Julaine Martin Scholarship in the Arts

Division of Design


  • Ashten Alexander, Kenneth L. Striker Scholarship
  • Min Jung Koo, Bruce C. McCready Memorial Scholarship
  • Jena McWhirter, Kenneth L. Striker Scholarship
  • Ruby Peven, Kenneth L. Striker Scholarship
  • Ian van de Kamp, Steve and Gail Kaneko Scholarship in Industrial Design
  • Philbert Widjaja, Parnassus Scholarship
  • Logan McGuire Windish, David B. and Jody Evans Smith / George and Alice McCain Undergraduate Scholarship in Industrial Design


  • Taylor Miles, Boyer and Elizabeth Bole Gonzales Scholarship

College Awards

In addition to the support listed above, two students have received financial support through the College of Arts & Sciences.

  • Devon Kirk, undergraduate in Art (Photo/Media), Aaron-Peterson Scholarship in Arts and Sciences
  • Laura Stowell, PhD candidate in Art History, Howard P. Dallas Endowed Fellowship