Coast Salish spindle whorl

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News: Community Impact

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Jamie Walker
Jamie Walker
Strait Art by Jake Seniuk
Maurice Woods with students
Benita Cooper with grandmother
Jordan Nicholson on UW Magazine cover
RepairCycle by Coreen Callister, David Duyker, and Logan Windish
Jamie Walker
Juan Franco Ricardo and Miha Sarani
Control and Release installation by Timea Tihanyi
To House at Seattle Design Festival Block Party
Site Machines by Tivon Rice
Barbara Earl Thomas and Fionn Meade
Claire Cowie teaching
National Endowment for the Arts, Art Works
Website screenshot from What is Possible?
UW wayfinding guide signs by Studio Matthews
Pivot project
Kristine Matthews designed visitor center
Kari Davidson and Katlin Jackson in Haiti
Art 496 students