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COVID-19 Updates: Students

Operations and teaching are online. Current and prospective students: please visit our COVID-19 Updates pages. Faculty and staff are available via email.

Dear Students

All of the faculty and staff in the School of Art + Art History + Design have been working to ensure that our online classes for spring quarter are creative and offer dynamic content and assignments that foster originality and promote meaningful new ideas. We have heard from students that they are proud of the School and proud of themselves for rising to meet the unexpected consequences of our struggle with COVID-19. All of you have our deepest appreciation for the courage, creativity, and understanding you have demonstrated in the weeks since the coronavirus forced all of our classes online.

We will not know for certain until late July if and how the UW will be operating on campus during the autumn. In the meantime, UW President Ana Mari Cauce announced at her Town Hall Meeting on Friday, May 1, that the UW is making every effort to develop safe solutions that will allow faculty, staff, and students to return to UW campuses for autumn quarter.

Academic Advising

The best way to contact our Advising team is by emailing uaskart@uw.edu. Current UW students: please include your student number in your email to help us assist you in a timely manner. Advisers will make every effort to answer all email between 9am and 3pm, Monday–Friday.

Frequently Asked Questions


I’m interested in taking ART 140A, ART 190A, ART 190D, or ART 253A this Autumn, but I am not an incoming freshman.

These courses are part of a package offered each autumn quarter, and they are designed for incoming students only. There are other sections of introductory art classes that returning students at UW can take. They are all noted in the Quarterly Time Schedule.

I am a freshman, but my credits show me as a sophomore. Can I still register for 100- and 200-level ART classes?

Yes. Please email uaskart@uw.edu and include your student number. If the class is open, we will help you.

Can I declare my art or art history major during registration?

Students who are interested in declaring an Art or Art History major should contact uaskart@uw.edu. Please include your student number, and an adviser will contact you by email.

I need an add code for an Art, Art History, or Design course.

The School does not give out add codes for classes. Please be sure to review all notes in the Quarterly Time Schedule for the course that you’re considering. There may be prerequisites or registration restrictions that make you ineligible to add the course. If you believe you are eligible to take the class, please contact uaskart@uw.edu.

I am having trouble getting into a Design, Art, or Art History class.

Please be sure to review all notes in the Quarterly Time Schedule for the course that you’re considering. There may be prerequisites or registration restrictions that are preventing you from adding the course.

  • DESIGN classes are only open to students in the Design Major.
  • Most ART classes at the 100- and 200-level are only open to freshmen during Period I Registration. ART classes at the 300- and 400-level are only open to undergraduate Art majors. Art 500-level classes are for graduate students in Art.
  • ART HISTORY classes at the 200- and 300-level are open to all students at UW. Those at the 400-level are often reserved for juniors and seniors. All 500-level classes are for graduate students only.

I love art and want to take an art class for fun.

We welcome students to take ART classes. However, the workload in studio art classes is equally as challenging and time consuming as it is in any other class on campus. Studio art classes are six hours a week of class time plus a minimum of nine hours of work per week outside of class.

General Advice and Guidelines

Will there be Zoom training workshops or resources designed specifically for students in the School?

Zoom Pro is now available free to all students, staff, and faculty at UW. It is available as a standalone application or through a web browser, and there are apps available for download to Android and iOS devices.

When and how will students be able to get into their studios and lockers?

Governor Inslee extended his stay-at-home order until May 31. Students will not be able to enter the Art Building, CMA, or our Sand Point facility until further notice. Stay safe and well.

What if we can’t access certain materials needed for online art or design projects?

Faculty are developing their course projects with material limitations in mind and will ensure that all students can succeed regardless of material availability.

What if we can’t get textbooks for our art history classes?

Please share this issue with the instructors of your classes. They will have contingency solutions for you.

How will critique and discussion happen online? Will I see my peers or just the faculty member?

The faculty are using Zoom, Panopto, and Canvas technology to provide the most interactive online experience possible. Exact details of the "in class" experience will depend on the course and the instructor.

Will taking online classes affect my financial aid?

For any questions related to financial aid, visit the UW Office of Financial Aid FAQ webpage.

Are courses going to be graded CR/NC again in spring?

No. Classes in Art, Art History, and Design are graded classes unless otherwise specified C/NC in the Quarterly Time Schedule.

Celebrating Our Graduating Students

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to cancel our plans to honor our graduating students with exhibitions at the Henry Gallery and the Jacob Lawrence Gallery as well as our traditional Graduation Celebration at Meany Hall. This does not mean that we can’t celebrate the achievements of our Class of 2020. See below for all the exciting virtual exhibitions and celebrations we have planned to honor our graduating students.


The Jacob Lawrence Gallery proudly presents the work of the 2020 BA graduates in Art as they celebrate their achievements and embark on the next step in their creative journey. a world becoming with draws inspiration from writers such as Octavia Butler and Donna Haraway to think about interdependency, co-authorship, and the mutual influence of making and being. Featuring the work of 62 students graduating with a BA in Art, a world becoming with highlights artworks created through adaptation, experimentation, and innovation. Follow the Jacob Lawrence Gallery on Instagram to see video interviews and images of work by some of the students. The exhibition website debuts on June 12, 2020.

"Every story I create, creates me. I write to create myself." —Octavia Butler


This year the website is the big event in lieu of the in-person exhibition. The updated website launches on Friday, June 12. Design seniors have developed a brand identity that will carry across the website, social media, etc. Starting Friday, May 1, the students began a series of posts on Instagram. Each weekday, two of the seniors post about their in-progress capstone work. They also show their portrait and often a snapshot of their "working from home" environment.

The Design seniors have developed some collective projects under the theme "Apart/Together." Three of these are now underway (the first two debut with the website):

  1. Disposable cameras are now out with each senior along with a set of prompts. The results will come together into a project.
  2. "Visual Tele Tag": an exquisite corpse concept where each senior generates a digital poster about their time in the Design program and passes it on to the next participant for a response.
  3. Several collective products: for example, the seniors all drew portraits of themselves at the same time during a Zoom call. These will be screen printed as a fun image series on t-shirts and totes. They’ll each get one, and additional ones will be sold in an online shop.

The Design undergrads are also looking into options for a Fall Show, a somewhat condensed event that would act as a reunion for the seniors, a welcome back to everyone else, and an opportunity for alums and family to come back for a reception.


We are building an enhanced Showcase website, which will launch in mid-June. As in years past, this website will include all graduating graduate students from Art, Art History, and Design, with dedicated pages for each student and their work or research. Interviews with art and design writers will supplement multimedia thesis and dissertation documentation.


The Henry Art Gallery and the School of Art + Art History + Design have partnered for over 60 years in presenting the work of graduating master's degree students. Every spring, we look forward to celebrating the achievements of the year’s graduates in art and design, and we are deeply disappointed that the COVID-19 pandemic and closure of campus facilities does not allow for the annual exhibition this year.

The 2020 MFA and MDes graduates have received an invitation to join the next graduating class for an exhibition of work by both classes at the Henry in 2021. Although this is not a requirement, we want to provide these students with an opportunity to show in the Henry Art Gallery, and we hope to celebrate their accomplishments with them there. In the meantime, you will be able to see their work on the Showcase website.


We are excited to offer an interactive Graduation Celebration website for the Class of 2020. There will be a video celebration, student and faculty messages, photos, links to the student exhibition websites for grads and undergrads, and more. If you would like to share pictures of your student experience or messages to your faculty and peers, you can do so here. We also encourage you to take a picture of yourself in your graduation cap, purchased or homemade, and share it on social media with the hashtag #uwsoaahd2020. The School’s graduation website will be live for students and families to enjoy on Saturday, June 13, at 8am.

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