Palace Pelagic by Sarah Norsworthy

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News: Exhibitions + Events

Self Portrait by George Tsutakawa
Reversed Start Target by Claire Cowie
Hot glass demonstration
Jamie Walker
Detail of When I Rub the Dead Skin of the Thing Against Me by C. Davida Ingram
Christopher Seeds, Joe Costello, Emma Teal Laukitis, Aubree Ball
Site Machines by Tivon Rice
Collograph #1 by Glen Alps
Barbara Earl Thomas and Fionn Meade
Work from Positionality exhibition by Caitlyn Wilson
Claire Cowie teaching
Gate to nowhere by Kate Roberts
UW IxD presentation on Trace at Microsoft Design Expo 2017
Mount Rainier, After by Mary Iverson
Created Compost at The Alice by Julie Alexander
Untitled by Whiting Tennis
This trembling turf by Mary Ann Peters
Three on a Raft by Layne Kleinart
Strange Coupling 2017 June event
Duet at Eutectic Gallery with Doug Jeck
Banner headline for Arts Wire
Mural at MOCA Los Angeles by Jonas Wood
Students at graduation