Calligraphy on folding fan by Wang Maolin

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News: Exhibitions + Events

Operations and teaching are online. Current and prospective students: please visit our COVID-19 Updates pages. Faculty and staff are available via email.
Lux Aeterna banner
Queer Imagination exhibition logo
Murmurations logo and tagline: A Seattle-Wide Arts Collaboration
Geography of Innocence installation by Barbara Earl Thomas
Lane Eagles
Descendence by Ariel René Jackson and Michael J. Love
Design drawing video by Adam Kingman
Students on Zoom planning online Parnassus Gallery
Detail of Who’s teaching to hang dry? by SoiL Thorton
Book cover background image for The Creative Process
Ilana Harris-Babou Long Con exhibition banner
Jamie Walker
Pond Dance by Georgia Gerber
Lux Aeterna banner
AIGA Get Out The Vote poster by Karen Cheng
Strange Coupling 2020 artwork details
Zoom background by Cicelia Ross-Gotta
Jamie Walker
Ebb and Flow poster