(balancing one’s own weight in a shadow of antithetical sides) by Paul Baughman

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News: Exhibitions + Events

Students and others, please visit our spring quarter 2020 webpages. Student questions for advising should be sent to uaskart@uw.edu. The Art Building is closed until further notice.
Reception for Design Show 2019
Ben Gale-Schreck (center) and others
Jennifer on her 8th Birthday (empty) by H. Detweiler
Fully Furnished by Brighton McCormick
Ceramic and Metal Arts Building
Jamie Walker
Omak Lake 2 by Joe Feddersen
The Reign of Narcissism by Barbara Bloom
Meany Exhibition 2019
Jamie Walker
Area Array by Stephanie Simek
Painting by Shuo Yin
Work by Ellen Lesperance
Autumn leaves and Art Building
Keechelus 9032 by Joe Freeman Jr
Title page design by Annabelle Gould
RepairCycle by Coreen Callister, David Duyker, and Logan Windish
Panther collection by ForanSuon
Jamie Walker
Jamie Walker
Chinaman's Chance video still by Zhi Lin
ARCAD by Joe Costello
Strange Coupling 2019