Industrial Design student work

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News: Alumni

To House at Seattle Design Festival Block Party
Infolding IX by Deborah Horrell
Multiple works from Burning Man by HYBYCOZO
Control and Release exhibition by Timea Tihanyi
Chelsea Vapors by Mark Mueller
Vessels by Timea Tihanyi and Slip Rabbit Studio
Presence of Absence by Katie Miller
Jamie Walker
Strange Coupling 2018
Self Portrait by George Tsutakawa
Four instructional technicians
Lucas Spivey and his Mobile Incubator
Reversed Start Target by Claire Cowie
Site Machines by Tivon Rice
Students meet with recent alumni in Space 120
Collograph #1 by Glen Alps
Barbara Earl Thomas and Fionn Meade
Quackers by Liz Wong
Samsara by Ellen (Jing) Xu
Claire Cowie teaching
Ron Ho
Full-scale holographic flight deck in classroom
Detail of Juan Jose by Arely Morales
UW IxD presentation on Trace at Microsoft Design Expo 2017
Mount Rainier, After by Mary Iverson
Created Compost at The Alice by Julie Alexander