Madonna and Child by Simone Martini

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News: Alumni

Full-scale holographic flight deck in classroom
Detail of Juan Jose by Arely Morales
UW IxD presentation on Trace at Microsoft Design Expo 2017
Mount Rainier, After by Mary Iverson
Created Compost at The Alice by Julie Alexander
Untitled by Whiting Tennis
Scarlett Strauss
This trembling turf by Mary Ann Peters
Jenny Sabin speaks at 2017 Anne Focke Arts Leadership Award evening
Three on a Raft by Layne Kleinart
Claire Cowie working on 2017 Facebook commission
Strange Coupling 2017 June event
Duet at Eutectic Gallery with Doug Jeck
Banner headline for Arts Wire
Mural at MOCA Los Angeles by Jonas Wood
Matt Browning at 2017 Whitney Biennial
South Beacon Hill No. 3 by Claire Cowie
Industrial design at Human Inc.
The End of the World (Monday Morning) by Abe Murley
UW wayfinding guide signs by Studio Matthews
This Infinity Fits in My Hand by Jana Brevick
Send Some Love on Knock Knock by MacGowan, Shown, Crane, and McCarthy
Patti Warashina and George Rodriguez at 2016 MoNA Luminaries event
Red and Blue Rectangle on Orange Background by Caitlyn Wilson
9e2 in Seattle
Barbara Earl Thomas