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Courses - Summer 2023

Please note: Due to space and resource limitations during the regular school year, we are unable to offer studio courses to non-matriculated students. Non-matriculated students are welcome during summer quarter. Auditors are not allowed in studio courses.

Listings for future quarters are tentative and subject to change. For the most up-to-date information, please consult the UW Time Schedule. For a listing of all courses potentially offered, see the Course Catalog.

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Summer 2023 Full-term

Art (ART) Courses

Course Course Title (click for details) SLN Instructor Meeting Time
ART 140 A Basic Photography 10145 Adamska Rakhilkina MW 9:10am - 11:50am
ART 140 B Basic Photography 10146 Stefan Gonzales MW 12:40pm - 3:20pm
ART 190 A Introduction To Drawing 10147 Ruby Henrickson MW 9:10am - 11:50am
ART 190 B Introduction To Drawing 14179 Kayla Cochran TTh 12:40pm - 3:20pm
ART 190 D Introduction To Drawing 10148 Dana Blume TTh 12:40pm - 3:20pm
ART 253 A Introduction To 3D4M: Ceramics 14178 Samuel Jernigan TTh 9:10am - 11:50am
ART 253 B Introduction To 3D4M: Ceramics 10151 Samuel Jernigan MW 9:10am - 11:50am
ART 496 B Art Internship 10153 to be arranged
ART 498 B Individual Projects - Art 10154 to be arranged
ART 600 A Independent Study Or Research 10155 to be arranged
ART 700 A Master's Thesis 10156 to be arranged

Art History (ART H) Courses

Course Course Title (click for details) SLN Instructor Meeting Time
ART H 212 A Chinese Art And Visual Culture 10157 Haicheng Wang to be arranged
ART H 270 A Art/Identity Politics: Issues Of Representations In Contemporary Art 10159 Kolya Rice to be arranged
ART H 273 A History And Theory Of Photography 10160 Kolya Rice to be arranged
ART H 308 A Representational Art Of Imperial China 10161 Haicheng Wang to be arranged
ART H 498 B Individual Projects, Undergraduate Practicum 10163 to be arranged
ART H 499 A Individual Projects 10164 to be arranged
ART H 598 A Master's Practicum 10165 to be arranged
ART H 599 A Reading And Writing Projects 10166 to be arranged
ART H 600 A Independent Study Or Research 10167 to be arranged
ART H 700 A Master's Thesis 10168 to be arranged
ART H 800 A Doctoral Dissertation 10169 to be arranged

Design (DESIGN) Courses

Course Course Title (click for details) SLN Instructor Meeting Time
DESIGN 250 A Visualizing Ideas 14180 Joe Sparano TTh 9:10am - 11:50am
DESIGN 495 A Design Internship 11105 to be arranged
DESIGN 499 A Individual Projects-Design 11106 to be arranged
DESIGN 600 A Independent Study Or Research 11107 to be arranged
DESIGN 700 A Master's Thesis 11108 to be arranged