Entry installation at Design Show 2016

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News: Around the World

Students and others, please visit our spring quarter 2020 webpages. Student questions for advising should be sent to uaskart@uw.edu. The Art Building is closed until further notice.
Omak Lake 2 by Joe Feddersen
Painting by Shuo Yin
Marijke Keyser and Claire Peckham
Abigail Drapkin work at Tropical Lab 12
Jamie Walker
Atteggiamento by Rachel Bradley
Rachel Connelly and Joylyn Yang
Jamie Walker
Work from Positionality exhibition by Caitlyn Wilson
Design Pecha Kucha 2017
Gate to nowhere by Kate Roberts
Adair Rounthwaite
Field study in Texas
Kari Davidson and Katlin Jackson in Haiti
Mary Louise Hart
TEDGlobal 2010 Fellows
Curt Labitzke with students in Rome