Coast Salish spindle whorl

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News: Faculty + Staff

Student work exhibition at Meany Hall
Stumble by Helen O'Toole
To House at Seattle Design Festival Block Party
Whitney Lynn
Black Embodiments Studio
Violetta Walker
Control and Release exhibition by Timea Tihanyi
Vessels by Timea Tihanyi and Slip Rabbit Studio
Jamie Walker
Jamie Walker
Self Portrait by George Tsutakawa
Patch for Mission to the Moon: 2030
Four instructional technicians
Kathryn Bunn-Marcuse
Monday, volume 1
Jamie Walker
Site Machines by Tivon Rice
Students meet with recent alumni in Space 120
Collograph #1 by Glen Alps
Gate to nowhere by Kate Roberts
Zhi Lin
Jamie Walker
Full-scale holographic flight deck in classroom
Sonal Khullar
Lacey Baradel
Arianna Ortiz
Created Compost at The Alice by Julie Alexander
Microscopic image from Wordeman Lab website
This trembling turf by Mary Ann Peters