My Dear Friend, Time by Ellen (Jing) Xu

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News: Faculty + Staff

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Jamie Walker
Christopher Ozubko
Marek Wieczorek
Ebb and Flow poster
Jennifer on her 8th Birthday (empty) by H. Detweiler
Jamie Walker
Robert Rhee and James Pierce
Ana Mari Cauce at Leonardo event
Jamie Walker
Omak Lake 2 by Joe Feddersen
Juliet Sperling
Northwest Coast Art Gallery at Burke Museum
Meredith Clausen
Doug Jeck (right) at Pilchuck
Jamie Walker
Log book with computer bug
Ken Pawula
Annie Pearson
Autumn leaves and Art Building
Title page design by Annabelle Gould
Drumheller Fountain
RepairCycle by Coreen Callister, David Duyker, and Logan Windish
Jamie Walker
Jamie Walker
Steel pennies
Chinaman's Chance video still by Zhi Lin
ARCAD by Joe Costello
Danny Giles and others in Jacob Lawrence Gallery
Cover of Monday, volume 3