Rojava by Ben Dunn

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News: Student Success

Full-scale holographic flight deck in classroom
Detail of Juan Jose by Arely Morales
Created Compost at The Alice by Julie Alexander
Scarlett Strauss
Microscopic image from Wordeman Lab website
Jenny Sabin speaks at 2017 Anne Focke Arts Leadership Award evening
Strange Coupling 2017 June event
Duet at Eutectic Gallery with Doug Jeck
Banner headline for Arts Wire
Students at graduation
Website screenshot from What is Possible?
UW wayfinding guide signs by Studio Matthews
Poster for Utopia Neighborhood Club November 2016 Exhibition
Red and Blue Rectangle on Orange Background by Caitlyn Wilson
Untitled by Ding Jin
Jamie Walker
Visual Communication Design student work
Nalozone OD Rescue Kit by Miller and Hart
Kewei Zhu with part of 2016 HUB Director's Award Committee
Students in exhibition gallery
Students at graduation
Jamie Walker