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News: Research

Screen view of the 2023 Graduate Showcase. Leo Carmona
People viewing MDes research posters
2022 Graduate Showcase wordmark
Four students holding prize check standing with adviser
Cartoon of grid of 8 figures and the text "Poster Show" in the center of the grid
WorldVent ventilator
Tiffany-Ashton Gatsby and Han Eckelberg
2021 Graduate Showcase spelled out in image
Still from video prototype of PaintAR
Alexis Calma in Rome
Jamie Walker
MDes work in progress graphic
Jamie Walker
Designing Type second edition by Karen Cheng
Lux Aeterna banner
Marek Wieczorek
2020 Graduate Showcase banner
Jamie Walker
Omak Lake 2 by Joe Feddersen
Northwest Coast Art Gallery at Burke Museum
Prepi case and pen
Jamie Walker
Log book with computer bug
Work by Ellen Lesperance
Title page design by Annabelle Gould
Jamie Walker