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ART 350 A: Printmaking Special Projects

Meeting Time: 
MW 11:30am - 2:20pm
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Curt Labitzke
Curt Labitzke

Syllabus Description:




"It's only a piece of paper"



Link to Everett Herald Magazine Article: https://issuu.com/pnwmarketplace/docs/i20210201111916438/18  

ART 350

Spring Quarter 2021   Monday/Wednesday 11:30

 Printmaking Special Projects: Intaglio plate making and  Color

Color proofing and printing as idea development and image exploration.

5 Credits


 Printmaking Courses Link:  Google Shared Drives


Instructor:  Curt Labitzke   cwl@uw.edu

Instructional Technician:  Kim van Sommeren   kimvs@uw.edu


This class will not meet on campus Spring Quarter 2021.

All work will be completed at home in individual studio spaces.


Students will receive art supply kits before the quarter begins.  And here they are ready to be shipped to you.  Thank you Kim.


This course will be a numerically graded course.

 Students are expected to spend a minimum of 10-15 hours per week, including class time, for this course. 


And an Article about my Summer course from  UW Magazinehttps://magazine.washington.edu/?p=22696&post_type=feature&preview=1&_ppp=fa5e10bd10 (Links to an external site.)

 An article from UW Daily on printmaking on line:

http://www.dailyuw.com/arts_and_leisure/article_f63e8798-0f63-11eb-a92c-07636c98c835.html#tncms-source=article-nav-next (Links to an external site.)

College of Arts and Sciences Conference video:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ByhE5CYYX7dUoN8tJ10DGcrdfM_z2mm5/view?usp=sharing


 Printmaking Special Projects will focus on designing and printing multi-color prints.  Various plate making and color printing methods and materials will be discussed.   Students will be asked to design a few individual projects this quarter based upon their goals, interests, abilities and limitations.


There will be 6 assignments/projects this quarter as listed here:

1.  5% 5 Preparatory drawings for first project selected from a total of 10.

2.  20%  First print project: Plate making with hot glue and clay.  Minimum of 5 prints.

3.  25% Second Print Project: Design and print 10 drypoint prints.  Select 5 to upload to Assignments.

4.  20% A short, one page, research project related to your work and based on a drypoint print artist of your  choice.        Please include at least 3 -5 supporting images of your artist's works and comment on their use of drypoint.

5.  25% Third Print Project: Design and print 10  or more drypoint/color prints in various color combinations.  Select 5 to upload to Assignments.

6.  5 % Final course summary of what you learned this quarter.  One page maximum.


 Most assignments due Monday's before class begins but check syllabus and Announcements for exact dates .

Please note:  Calendar, syllabus and assignments subject to change throughout the quarter.  If changes are made you will have plenty of advanced notice.


School of Art resources for students:

Small Format output: smaller format inkjet printing
Large Format output: large format printing
Digital Portfolio Studio
Basically, Doug will handle intake and return of art and will do all photography for the students.

There are limited student equipment loans, primarily for iPad Pros. Email to request equipment. Following confirmation of your request, reserve a pickup appointment day / time. Equipment is available for pickup at the Art Building loading dock area on Mondays / Tuesdays / Thursdays between 10am and 1pm, and loan periods are two weeks. All returns are on scheduled days / times and are arranged with the borrower.

Primary equipment loans (large variety of items) should be through the UW Student Technology Fee loan program.


Chiariscuro Woodcut

                                  Chiaroscuro Wood Cut Ugo da Carpi  16th  C



Week 1

 M M 29  First day of class.  Welcome back!  11:30 ZOOM MEETING LINK.

               Introductions and overview of course.  Getting started.

               Start collecting supplies for your own personal studio set up at home.

               Start drawing at home for first project.  Begin individual research.

               Begin thinking about your print project  for the first five weeks of

               the quarter.

               Introduce # 1 Drawing Assignment. 

               Today's recording: https://washington.zoom.us/rec/share/c9g96H6NvIomtv5eDzqTzGL8d0PArkfy5YvdPPMdoMHPxidWGLAO3NB8Yt4sKBqd.Xoh5qCYY5LDTQUT-

               No donuts unfortunetly, except this one!


Minni's Large Donut.  Intaglio Color viscosity print.


W M 31         Kim: Health and Safety Link: Safety Guidelines_LiveWork.pdf

                        Introduce your self to the group.  Share an image? What are 

                        your goals for the quarter?

                        Questions, thoughts, comments.  About next week.

                        Drawing Assignment due Monday.

                        Today's recording:  https://washington.zoom.us/rec/share/bCPbWtfffvgc_JTOtu4poCy-6j3P56bpluwgi1sIOSxzblVzJ4K3InZQs3Hl-ePR.UECFRJ7XV8Owsh62


                       Larry Sommers: Instructional Tech Printmaking.  We miss you and those hotplate breakfasts.

Week 2          

M A 5              Live Demo:  Printing from clay and hot glue gun plates with a variety of


                          Go over First assignment.

                           Project #1 Drawings/sketches due today to Canvas.

                          Today's recording:  https://washington.zoom.us/rec/share/U0oR9G5180vo9lU5nqXb08_VFha34k6RBWx5UdHNEzH7YDFCZ9BAbjkd67CS97Rk.RUnCojDCrIEXxR6D







W A 7            Live  Group Studio Work Day

                        Today's recording:  https://washington.zoom.us/rec/share/vzijeoAbFe28UEOAIU6w45E2c9Kg8KqRiIV81RL4SSH-ZBQ6QqtKVYS8sLKrQcUE.rLx7N93dF-sNWnRg


 Week 3         




M A 12  Break out Sessions: Present Clay and hot glue prints.


Today's recording:  https://washington.zoom.us/rec/share/BsEg6buyOdQP977rXKPivASzJWXoalYf7IH__chvNz7v66IoHRf1GhXf7gts3Ogt.sRiUVhJ7CzWUOby_



                                           Flat stacking to flatten/dry prints using cinder blocks wrapped in paper.


W A 14   Finish first project presentations


                Start researching Drypoint artists and thinking about your presentation.





Week 4   



                                   Portrait  Color Study 1882 Gary Nemcosky 


M A 19        Live demo:  Drypoint plate making and printing. Adding a relief roll in color.


                    Today's recording: https://washington.zoom.us/rec/share/bDoWgyQ83BIvT3hGbwcHKZzDAJfmfrBSrGk1mB4PussQSq8yEjLX7wAWJ46L9jYj.RgCkdTx1cvs3rQjx


  W A 21      Live group studio work day.     


Today's recording:  https://washington.zoom.us/rec/share/L93siAp0Pl7Y3xmGyXtvP3sYN56LnLvSJPUVWQDtzTob8UvJjhYG9qqKISayBISu.FjopD37UMc3c2nJg




Week 5  



M A 26          Drypoint Artist Research Presentations. Part I 

                        See presentation schedule for your day and time.

                        Questions for the group.

                        Today's recording: https://washington.zoom.us/rec/share/wraeEAvCEAHF3FIUdQLrv4b8bC7A4kX_syuOow6qtDwRBoMYFdZo0hIj8NE6oR0D.PTJZF2Vo9Bois-5e


W A 28            Drypoint Artist Research Project Presentations. Part II 

                          See presentation schedule for your day and time.

                        Today's recording:  https://washington.zoom.us/rec/share/nsoOs1aBHfvBtxqUhFUIIsjXaG97XMgv4rXhjEeD5SPnofUnOGeokm0bEA6ioU0Q.6VUGGzYrrxT15x3c


 Week 6

M M 3              Drypoint Project Presentations part I.  See schedule for day and time.

                          Today's recording: https://washington.zoom.us/rec/share/ndhdGdvPzhGqRXzbm_Civrv_vH0kum_mO2Mh7TRMcdmGsl6c6Y98eCNsFgywvqn_.kX0Fxk0m6mBJyObv


W M5               Drypoint Project Presentations part II.  See schedule for day and time.

                          Today's recording:  https://washington.zoom.us/rec/share/34-r3QYnlb5N1KFqboRAWkmqy1Uw7i_pSis5Tb6karOOEmOogu17xBCIpZE3tqq-.xvdZzd6fpv9gK1sV


Week 7


color baner

M M 10       Live Demo:  COLOR!  History, theory, handcoloring, crayons, ink mixing, tapouts.

                      Multiple Plates, simultaneous color printing, offsetting etc.



Akua ink tap out or draw down. Transparency scale along bottom using Akua extender.


IMG_5930.jpeg  IMG_5929.jpeg  


Today's recording:  https://washington.zoom.us/rec/share/BySLLdY8gLth_kVwd1viHEDarO2FCZwFIERg-ktOKVrpoDtqCZqgqLNJWaj_8aRV.MiS6Jl-oEj_MHZeO


W M 12       Group Studio Work Day.  Begin Final Drypoint/Color project.

                      Today's recording: https://washington.zoom.us/rec/share/V-qYxwKfijoVf_bHbqqcOw3IQVdqYUOp7868sBvP485ppKz8RtDpu0pMgmB3nLfP.2Sn_Qriih_Vtp1-k



Print on both sides of a thin paper.



IMG_5744.jpeg    Two plate print with water color crayon work.



 Two plate color a la poupee print.


Week 8

M M 17     Individual Conference Meetings with Curt  15 min each.  See schedule for your time and day.                     Be ready to share your progress, images, thoughts and questions. 

                  Please note: If you are not meeting with me you have a studio work day.

                  We will keep to the time schedule so be on time.


W M 19    Individual Conference Meetings with Curt  15 min each.  See schedule for your time and day.                     Be ready to share your progress, images, thoughts and questions. 

                  Please note: If you are not meeting with me you have a studio work day.

                  We will keep to the time schedule so be on time.



Week 9

M M    24        Project Presentations.  See schedule for day of your presentation.  You must be present and

                     participate all times, both days.  Have 3-5 images ready to share with the group.  What did

                      you learn this quarter.

Todays recording:https://washington.zoom.us/rec/share/zfbKQmfHLGe2PrkaDcKzkGh3eKqozNT35uLFeHv3aWRxRBht5Ez0k66FU92SB_oT.2yocKF6ijfpwypG2


W M 26      Final Project Presentations.  See schedule for day of your presentation.  You must be present and

                     participate all times, both days.  

                     Have 3-5 images ready to share with the group.  What did you learn this quarter.


Week 10


M M 31          Memorial Day Holiday.  No Class.  A great day for making prints!


W J 2               Last Day of Class Celebration with an optional Live Group Studio Work Day

                        Today's recording:  



T  J 9  2:30       Final Portfolio Images due to Canvas by end of the day.

                            Summary of your progress this quarter due by end of the day.











 Labitzke. Colorful Flea.  Viscosity Print


 Important Information for all Students


Equal Opportunity

The School of Art reaffirms its policy of equal opportunity regardless of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, or status as a disabled veteran or Vietnam-era veteran in accordance with UW policy and applicable federal and state statutes and regulations.


Disability Accommodation

  • If you would like to request academic accommodations due to a disability, please contact Disabled Student Services, 448 Schmitz, (206) 543-8924 (V/TTY) or uwdss@u.washington.edu.
  • If you have a letter from Disabled Student Services indicating you have a disability that requires academic accommodation, please present the letter to me so we can discuss the accommodations you might need for the class.


Participation Policy

  • Absences from class prevent participation and may negatively affect grades.
  • If you miss class due to illness or emergencies immediately notify your instructor and insure that all missed assignments and exams are completed.



  • Plagiarism is defined as using in your own work the creations, ideas, words, inventions, or work of someone else without formally acknowledging them through the use of quotation marks, footnotes, bibliography, or other reference.
  • Please check with your instructor if you have questions about what constitutes plagiarism.
  • Instances of plagiarism will be referred to the Vice Provost/Special Asst to the President for Student Relations and may lead to disciplinary action.


Incomplete Grades  an incomplete is given only when you:

  • Have been in attendance and done satisfactory work through the eighth week of the quarter.
  • Have furnished satisfactory proof to the instructor that the work cannot be completed because of illness or other circumstances beyond your control.


Concerns about a course, an instructor, or a teaching assistant

  • Talk with the instructor in charge of the class as soon as possible.
  • If you are not comfortable talking with the instructor or are not satisfied with the response that you receive, you may contact the Director of Advising and Student Services, Judith Clark, Art 104, 206-543-0646
  • If you are not satisfied with the response that you receive you may contact the Chair of the School o f Art, Christopher Ozubko, 102 Art.


Examination Schedule

  • Students are required to take exams as scheduled.
  • Exceptions are granted in cases of documented emergencies and must be approved by instructor.


Grade Appeal Procedure   If you are concerned that the grade you received for a class is incorrect:

  • Contact the instructor who issued the grade and discuss the matter with her/him.
  • If not resolved to your satisfaction make an appointment with the Director of Academic Advising and Student Services, Judith Clark, 104 Art, 543-0646.
  • If necessary submit a written appeal to the Director of the School of Art who will take the matter under advisement and call a faculty committee to review the student’s course work and make a final determination concerning the grade dispute.


Materials Fees

  • All art and art history classes have materials fees that are billed on your tuition statement. Information is available in 104 Art.
  • If you drop a class in the first five days of the quarter, the fee is automatically removed from the quarterly billing.
  • If you drop after the first five days (and before using any class materials) you must petition for a refund. Studio Art Fee Refund Petitions are available in 102 Art.
  • The School of Art cannot process any petitions received after noon on the last day of the quarter.


Building Use Policy

  • The Art building is open to students 365 days a year from 6am to 11pm.
  • Students wishing to work in the building after 11pm obtain a key and building pass from Ann Greene in 102 Art.
  • For the safety of our students, the campus police frequently monitor the facility. Individuals found without a pass may be asked to leave the building.
  • All students working after hours in the studios and classrooms must maintain quiet, refrain from tampering with the work of others, and follow all regulations established by the faculty for each classroom/studio.
  • Students who are not enrolled in classes for the quarter may not use the facilities, classrooms or studios in the School of Art.
  • All students taking studio classes are expected to follow faculty direction in terms of keeping classrooms clean, safe, and workable for themselves and others.


Locker Policy

  • The Academic Advising & Student Services Office, 104 Art rents lockers, by the quarter or academic year, on the first day of each quarter.
  • No refunds will be made for unused or returned lockers.
  • The deadline for cleanout is the last day of finals for each quarter. Items found in lockers after the deadline will be discarded. If you choose not to renew, please bring your lock back to 104 Art.



  • Many of the substances and equipment used in creative processes can be hazardous to you and others if used incorrectly. Enrollment in a class requires the student to know, understand and comply with all safety and equipment use policies in each classroom/studio.  These guidelines are distributed to students on the first day of each class.
  • Art Hazards in the School of Art handout is an excellent beginning resource for learning about these dangers. This handout is available in the Academic Advising and Student Services Office (Room 104).
  • Material Safety Data Sheets, and information on hazardous waste disposal, UW Health & Safety Policy and art hazards are available from the School of Art Administrator (102 Art) and on reserve in the Art Library.
  • Spray booths are provided for use of aerosols and their use is mandatory.


Copy Write Policy

The SoA regularly displays works of art that students create in class, images of student works, and images of students participating in SoA activities.  We do this to promote our students, their work and the School, and the ways we display student works and related images vary widely.  Use of such images is traditional among all art schools and we assume that by participating in UW SoA classes and activities students have no objection.  However, if you do have concerns about these image uses, please contact Academic Advising and Student Services (206-543-0646 or uaskart@u.ashington.edu).
























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In depth study of a printmaking method such as sequential printing, multi-block printing, white-ground aquaint, or sugar-lift aquatint.
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Arts and Humanities (A&H)
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