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Computer Centers (SoACC)

Computer printing room

Please note:

Rooms 025B (Lab) and 025C (Printing) are now open (hours of operation in sidebar).

The Computer Teaching Lab in Room 215 is also open.

The School's Computer Centers, also known as SoACC, provide a productive working environment for students.

Lab (Room 025B)

The lab has computers equipped with the latest creativity / productivity software along with peripherals like scanners. The School encourages students to take advantage of lab resources for educational and collaborative purposes.

Available equipment.

Saving Files

All personal work must be saved on a UW U Drive, Google Drive, other cloud-based storage, USB thumb-drive, external hard drive, etc. If you need assistance with systems or software in the lab, please see one of the lab monitors.

Printing (Room 025C)

To print at a small scale (black and white laser and color laser), payment is processed via the Creative Communications system (Copy Centers) and pricing is set University wide. Use your Husky Card to print on these printers.

The SoACC is also equipped with eight Epson P5000 archival quality medium format printers. Pricing and paper options can be found here.

To print to the SoACC plotters, visit the School's Admin Office in room 102 (open 9am–4pm, Monday–Friday) to pay with your Husky Card or use our online system to purchase standard-sized poster prints here.

Be sure to check plot pricing in advance on the lab board or online: options and pricing.

Equipment Checkout (Room 023)

CD/DVD burners, digital cameras, tablets, audio recorders, tripods, and other peripherals are available for checkout at the front desk with valid student ID. Equipment checked out from the SoACC is generally on a 3-day basis — this includes digital cameras and video cameras as well as all other available items. Some equipment, such as compact flash card readers, are for use within the lab space only.

Available equipment.

Suspension of checkout privileges for the remainder of the current quarter will occur if equipment is returned late three times.

Equipment Responsibility

Students are responsible for repair or replacement costs related to damage, theft, or loss of all equipment checked out from the SoACC. This includes digital cameras and digital video cameras. Please be careful with these devices so that they continue to be available for use.

Computer Lab Policies

  • School students have priority access to the equipment.
  • This equipment is intended to enable users’ access to software and hardware technologies in pursuit of their research and academic work. Gaming and other non-academic uses of the equipment should be avoided.
  • Use of computing resources is a privilege that depends on individuals using the resources appropriately and in accordance with University policies as well as local, state, and federal laws.
  • If demand for equipment is heavy, School staff may set time limits or otherwise regulate computer / printer use.
  • Lab users should demonstrate respect for each other. Keep in mind that some on-screen images, sounds, and/or messages may create an atmosphere of intimidation or harassment for others.
  • Laptops and other personal computing devices may be used in labs via the wireless network. Never unplug cables from lab computers for use with personal devices.
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