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Advancing Visual Design Culture in STEM Laboratory Groups

Vassilissa Semouchkina. "Advancing Visual Design Culture in STEM Laboratory Groups." MDes Thesis, University of Washington, 2021.

Scientific communication issues are pervasive. Researchers face difficulties in effectively communicating their essential but often complicated work. This problem is especially apparent with scientific visuals, which are often the first aspects of research to be reviewed. While Universities and specialists offer a selection of resources that attempt to combat these issues in STEM fields, the results are often short-term and limited. Intervening at the laboratory level presents the opportunity to create and customize insular, intuitive resources to promote continuous self-learning in visual design. Directed by personal observation and documentation of current visual design culture in multiple laboratory groups, this thesis proposes the creation of tailored resources for self-education covering visual design basics and visual critique practice as they relate to researchers’ needs.

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Watch Semouchkina's thesis presentation from June 4, 2021.

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