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Students and others, please visit our spring quarter 2020 webpages. Student questions for advising should be sent to The Art Building is closed until further notice.

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David Brody
Professor, Painting + Drawing
Erica Ciganek
Painting + Drawing, MFA
Gloria de Liberali
PhD Candidate, Art History
Ann Gale
Chair, Division of Art, Professor, Painting + Drawing, Hermine Pruzan Endowed Faculty Fellow
Xiaoyi Gao
MFA student, Painting + Drawing, School Alum
Ellen Garvens
Professor, Photo/Media, Donald E. Petersen Endowed Faculty Fellow
Philip Govedare
Professor, Painting + Drawing
Holly Hazelton
MFA student, Painting + Drawing
Professor Emeritus, Art History, School Alum
Denzil Hurley
Professor, Painting + Drawing
Julianna Jones
Executive Assistant to the Director of the School, Manager of Faculty Affairs, School Alum
Baorong Liang
School Alum
Zhi Lin
Chair, Painting + Drawing, Professor, Painting + Drawing
Helen O'Toole
Professor, Painting + Drawing
Program Assistant, Advising
Kim Van Someren
Instructional Technician: Printmaking, IVA, Painting + Drawing