Calligraphy on folding fan by Wang Maolin

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Céramique: 90 Artistes Contemporains

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Timea Tihanyi with Ceramique book
Timea Tihanyi. Artwork included in Céramique: 90 Artistes Contemporains, a book by Véronique Pettit Laforet and Charlotte Vannier. Paris: Pyramyd Editions, 2019.

From the publisher's page for this book:

The works of the 90 artists presented here challenge, question, disturb or seduce.

By integrating the traditional techniques of modeling, baking and enameling into their practice, the artists invite us to take another look at ceramics. Realizing monumental installations, imaginary bestiaries, abstract forms or human-sized characters, they subtly blur the border separating art and craft.

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