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Map Design for Complex Architecture

Karen Cheng (co-authored with Sarah Pérez-Kriz). "Map Design for Complex Architecture." Visible Language Summer 2014: 40–58. 

Abstract from publisher's article webpage:

The following study seeks to determine if a printed, paper map can aid visitors in navigating through complex architectural environments. Specifically, we report on the design and testing of two different paper maps intended to help patients find dental clinics and related offices within a large medical and health sciences center. As part of an iterative design process, we first identified a variety of design factors that influence the cognitive aspects of using maps during wayfinding, and redesigned an existing map of the environment based on those principles. We then conducted user testing to further determine what information should be included or excluded on the map and to see if changes in format enhanced or detracted from communication goals. The results show that maps can indeed assist visitors in finding their way through complex buildings, but that there are limitations to their ability to overcome architectural barriers.

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