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Final Exam Attendance Policy

The Division of Design faculty remind their students of the official final exam policies of the University of Washington.

Students must participate in all final exam activities as described by the instructor of the course. The schedule for all UW course finals is available online.

If the Design instructor has scheduled an in-person final critique / project turn-in, all students in the class are required to be present. An individual student will not be permitted to submit work early and skip the in-person final unless there are exceptional personal circumstances. Note that the desire to leave early for holiday travel or personal reasons does not qualify as an exceptional circumstance.

Using the assigned finals time allows all Design students to refine their work to the highest level of excellence. This policy also prevents difficulties with group projects, where work may fall disproportionately on students who remain in-session.

Failure to participate in the scheduled activities of a final as set forth by the Design course instructor will result in automatic failure of the course.