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Book Chapters

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Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Modeling Maneuvers (2021) Juliet Sperling Art History, Illustration
Federico Barocci and the Legacy of the Renaissance (2016) Stuart Lingo Art History, Renaissance


Image Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Mediating Salvation in Premodern Japanese Hell Paintings (2021) Miriam Chusid Art History, East Asian, Japanese, Painting
L’Aubette (2019) Marek Wieczorek 20th Century
“Sculpture, Rupture, and the Baroque.” (2018) Estelle Lingo 17th Century
Streams of Tourists: Navigating the Tourist Tides in late 19th Century SE Alaska (2017) Kathryn Bunn-Marcuse 19th Century, American Indian/Native American, Indigenous, Pacific Northwest, Visual Arts
Jason O. Germany Assembly, Space and Things: Urban Food Genome, Urban Interaction, and Bike Share (2017) Jason O. Germany Design, Human-computer Interaction, Interaction Design
Parallel Tracks: Pan Yuliang and Amrita Sher-Gil in Paris (2017) Sonal Khullar 20th Century, Art History
Chrysepes Stichourgia: The Byzantine Epigram as Aesthetic Object (2016) Ivan Drpić Art History, Byzantine
The Pre-Raphaelization of the Modern Literary Heroine (2014) Susan Casteras 19th Century, Art History, Gender, Victorian
La Samaritaine, l'Art Nouveau, et l'émergence de l'architecture moderne (2014) Meredith Clausen Architecture, Art History
Ananda Kentish Coomaraswamy (2014) Sonal Khullar Art History
Modernism: India (2014) Sonal Khullar Art History, Indian, Modernism
Impossible Apostles: Francesco Mochi’s Sts. Peter and Paul for S. Paolo fuori le Mura (2014) Estelle Lingo Art History, Early Modern, Sculpture
Putting a finger on it: Bellori and Sculpture Criticism (2014) Estelle Lingo Art History, Early Modern
China's first empire? Interpreting the material record of the Erligang expansion (2014) Haicheng Wang Art History, Chinese
Abstraction—The Contemporary Perspective (2014) Marek Wieczorek Abstract Art, Art History, Contemporary
Piet Mondrian's Studio Utopia, 26, rue du Départ (2014) Marek Wieczorek Art History
In the Spirit of the Ancestors: Contemporary Northwest Coast Art at the Burke Museum (2013) Kathryn Bunn-Marcuse, Robin K. Wright American Indian/Native American, First Nations
From Thackeray to Stowe: British Constructions of Slavery during the American Civil War (2013) Susan Casteras 19th Century, American, Art History, British
Aesthetes on Display: 'Not Masculine and Progressive but Reclusive and Retrospective (2013) Susan Casteras Art History, Gender
Looking Back: Mochi and Borromini at S. Giovanni dei Fiorentini (2013) Estelle Lingo Art History, Renaissance
Francesco Mochi’s Balancing Act and the Prehistory of Bernini’s Four Rivers Fountain (2013) Estelle Lingo Art History, Early Modern
Raffaello Borghini and the corpus of Florentine Art in an Age of Reform (2013) Stuart Lingo Art History, Renaissance
Music and the Performance of Painting. Barocci and Titian, the Brush and the Bow (2013) Stuart Lingo Art History, Renaissance