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Mediating Salvation in Premodern Japanese Hell Paintings

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Mediating Salvation in Premodern Japanese Hell Paintings: Image, Text, Ritual.” In Sano Midori sensei kokikinen ronshū: Zōkei no poetika, Nihon bijutsushi o meguru aratana chihei 佐野みどり先生古稀記念論集:造形のポエティカ―日本美術史を巡る新たな地平 [Festschrift in Honor of Professor Sano Midori. The Poetics of Form: New Horizons in Japanese Art History]. Edited by Sano sensei kinen ronshū kankōkai 佐野先生記念論集刊行会, 1115-1093 (reverse pagination). Tokyo: Seikansha, 2021.
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