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3D Printing in Ceramics

Vessels by Timea Tihanyi and Slip Rabbit Studio
Timea Tihanyi (collaborating with Sara Billey). "3D Printing in Ceramics." A research project funded by a 4Culture Tech Specific grant and a UW Arts & Sciences Bergstrom Award, 2017–2018.

A 2017 Tech Specific grant from 4Culture allowed Senior Lecturer Timea Tihanyi to purchase a 3D printer for ceramics to use at her Slip Rabbit Studio, where she has worked with student interns.

Tihanyi and collaborator Sara Billey, a Professor in the UW Department of Mathematics, received the 2018 Bergstrom Award from the College of Arts & Sciences to support continued research "on discrete mathematical algorithms that output two- and three-dimensional tactile patterns for realization in 3D printed ceramics." Read more.

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