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Alternative Avenues for IoT: Designing with Non-Stereotypical Homes

Audrey Desjardins et al. "Alternative Avenues for IoT: Designing with Non-Stereotypical Homes." In CHI'19: Proceedings of the 2019 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, paper no. 351, pp. 1–13. New York, ACM Press. 2019.

Co-authored with Jeremy Viny, Cayla Key, and Nouela Johnston.

Abstract from webpage for paper:

We report on the findings of a co-speculative design inquiry that investigates alternative visions of the Internet of Things (IoT) for the home. We worked with 16 people living in non-stereotypical homes to develop situated and personal concepts attuned to their home. As a prompt for co-speculation and discussion, we created handmade booklets where we took turns overlaying sketched design concepts on top of photos taken with participants in their homes. Our findings reveal new avenues for the design of IoT systems such as: acknowledging porous boundaries of the home, exposing neighborly relations, exploring diverse timescales, revisiting agency, and embracing imaginary and potential uses. We invite human-computer interaction and design researchers to use these avenues as starting points to broaden current assumptions embedded in design and research practices for domestic technologies. We conclude by highlighting the value of examining divergent perspectives and surfacing the unseen.

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