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The Lesson Design Toolkit

Matt Imus. "The Lesson Design Toolkit: Lesson Planning As Experience Design." MDes Thesis, University of Washington, 2019.

Outside Adviser:
Kimberly Mitchell (Education)

This thesis work asks how design can be helpful in the context of education, better facilitating the lesson design process for early-career educators.

Because most college educators aren’t formally taught how to teach, they must develop their teaching practice independently. This situation calls for a toolkit to help early-career college educators effectively design lessons without the benefit of extensive experience.

The Lesson Design Toolkit is a series of workbooks that help early-career college educators navigate the process of creating a lesson. As each workbook guides the way, it introduces teaching theory and design methods that are helpful in an aspect of lesson design.

The resulting approach shows how design methods can be applied to the creation of curated experiences outside of the traditional scope of design.

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