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Art History MA Practicum: Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

  • A minimum of 25 numerically graded credits numbered 400 and above and approved by the faculty adviser.
  • 10 credits of ART H 598 (Master’s Practicum). This may take the form of the completion of a project, internship, or written case study approved by the faculty adviser.
  • 2 credits of ART H 599 (Reading and Writing Projects) Preparation and public presentation focused on work completed in ART H 598 (Master’s Practicum).

The practicum must evidence the student’s practical or theoretical knowledge of some aspects of art in historical or contemporary situations, and may take any of a variety of forms, either within or outside the academic offerings of the University, e.g., a curatorial project in a public art museum or the publication of critical, educational or other writings. The practicum must be comprised of activities carried out after the student’s admission to the program. 

These requirements are minimum MA requirements for the Division of Art History. To be eligible for a degree in the Graduate School, a grade point average of 3.0 in numerically graded courses numbered 500 and above is required. 

Graduate School Minimum Requirements

Detailed information from the UW Graduate School

Satisfactory Progress Requirements

Admission to the Graduate School allows students to continue graduate study and research at the University of Washington only as long as they maintain satisfactory performance and progress toward completion of their graduate degree program - Memo 16: Academic Performance and Progress.