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Art History BA Degree Requirements

The Art History program offers a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree and an Art History minor. Eligible students may also choose to pursue Honors in Art History.

It is important to begin the study of Art History with the completion of four core courses. This gives you an introduction to the study of art in a variety of cultural contexts, and provides you with the vocabulary and methodology to participate in 400-level course work.

Once the core courses have been completed, you may choose to concentrate your remaining course work in one specific area of interest or continue to broaden your knowledge of art history in many areas.

To graduate with undergraduate degree from the University of Washington, students must successfully complete at least 180 course credits: a combination of major requirements (listed below), general education requirements, and electives.

Art History Major Requirements (55 Credits)

Western European Core

At least one course from:

  • ART H 201 Survey of Western Art, Ancient
  • ART H 202 Survey of Western Art, Medieval & Ren.
  • ART H 290 History of Architecture
  • ART H 340 Pre-Classical Art and Archaeology
  • ART H 341 Greek Art and Archaeology
  • ART H 342 Roman Art and Archaeology
  • ART H 343 Hellenistic Art and Archaeology
  • ART H 361 Italian Renaissance Art
  • ART H 366 Northern Renaissance Art
  • ART H 373 Southern Baroque Art

Modern Core

At least one course from:

  • ART H 203 Survey of Western Art, Modern
  • ART H 380 19th and 20th Century Art
  • ART H 381 Art Since World War II
  • ART H 382 Theory and Practice of Art Criticism
  • ART H 384 American Art

Native American / African / Oceanic Core

At least one course from:

  • ART H 205 Survey of Tribal Art
  • ART H 206 Survey of Native American Art
  • ART H 230 African-American Art
  • ART H 233 Northwest Coast Indian Arts (formerly ART H 331)
  • ART H 337 African Art and Society

Asian Core

At least one course from:

  • ART H 212 Chinese Art and Visual Culture
  • ART H 214 Art of India
  • ART H 215 The Arts of Japan: A Visual and Cultural History
  • ART H 310 Chinese Art & Archeology: Neolithic to Han
  • ART H 311 Arts of Imperial China
  • ART H 312 Art & Empire in India 1750-1900
  • ART H 313 East Asian Art
  • ART H 314 Modern/Contemporary Art in India 1900-present
  • ART H 315 Buddhist Art & Material Culture of East Asia
  • ART H 318 Japanese Prints 1600-present

Upper-Division courses

  • Three 400-level courses

Art History Electives

  • Additional Art History courses to bring the overall total of Art History courses to 55 credits
  • Check Courses for current and upcoming quarter course offerings