Men Shoveling Chairs by Circle of Rogier van der Weyden

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Image Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Piet Mondrian's Studio Utopia, 26, rue du Départ (2014) Marek Wieczorek Art History
Designing Data (2013) Karen Cheng Design, Information Design, Visual Communication Design
In the Spirit of the Ancestors: Contemporary Northwest Coast Art at the Burke Museum (2013) Kathryn Bunn-Marcuse, Robin K. Wright American Indian/Native American, First Nations
From Thackeray to Stowe: British Constructions of Slavery during the American Civil War (2013) Susan Casteras 19th Century, American, Art History, British
Aesthetes on Display: 'Not Masculine and Progressive but Reclusive and Retrospective (2013) Susan Casteras Art History, Gender
Painter as Scribe: Artistic Identity and the Arts of Graphē in Late Byzantium (2013) Ivan Drpić Art History, Byzantine
Looking Back: Mochi and Borromini at S. Giovanni dei Fiorentini (2013) Estelle Lingo Art History, Renaissance
Francesco Mochi’s Balancing Act and the Prehistory of Bernini’s Four Rivers Fountain (2013) Estelle Lingo Art History, Early Modern
Raffaello Borghini and the corpus of Florentine Art in an Age of Reform (2013) Stuart Lingo Art History, Renaissance
Music and the Performance of Painting. Barocci and Titian, the Brush and the Bow (2013) Stuart Lingo Art History, Renaissance
Martha Rosler (2013) Adair Rounthwaite Art History, Photography
Work by Michael Swaine / Futurefarmers A Variation on Powers of Ten (2012) Michael Swaine Conceptual Art, Post-Studio Practices
The Invention of Death (2012) Or Vallah Activism, Art History, Contemporary, Mediterranean, Photo/Media
The Serres Icon of Saints Theodores (2012) Ivan Drpić Art History, Byzantine
National Tradition and Modernist Art (2012) Sonal Khullar Art History, Indian, Modernism
Mondrian's First Diamond Composition: Hegelian Spatial Totality in the Starry Sky (2012) Marek Wieczorek Abstract Art, Art History
Rhythms of Life: The Reception of Mondrian's Victory Boogie Woogie (2012) Marek Wieczorek Art History
A Brief Guide to Designing Effective Figures for the Scientific Paper (2011) Karen Cheng Design, Information Design, Visual Communication Design
Joseph Noel Paton's 'Bond and Free: Five Studies Illustrative of Slavery (2011) Susan Casteras American, Art History, Visual Culture
Notes on Byzantine Panagiaria (2011) Ivan Drpić Art History, Byzantine
Feminist Forms, International Exhibitions, and the Postcolonial Woman Artist (2011) Sonal Khullar Art History, Feminist Theory, Gender, Postcolonial
Sculptural Novelty and the Florentine Tradition: Francesco Mochi’s Orvieto Annunciation (2011) Estelle Lingo Art History, Italian, Renaissance, Sculpture
Beyond the Fold: Drapery in Seventeenth-Century Sculptural Practice and Criticism (2011) Estelle Lingo 17th Century, Art History, Early Modern, Sculpture
Cultural Participation’ by Group Material: Between the Ontology and the History of the Participatory Art Event (2011) Adair Rounthwaite Art History, Participatory Art
From This Body To Yours: Porn, Affect, and Performance Art Documentation (2011) Art History, Performance Art