My Dear Friend, Time by Ellen (Jing) Xu

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Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Joseph Noel Paton's 'Bond and Free: Five Studies Illustrative of Slavery (2011) Susan Casteras American, Art History, Visual Culture
Notes on Byzantine Panagiaria (2011) Ivan Drpić Art History, Byzantine
Feminist Forms, International Exhibitions, and the Postcolonial Woman Artist (2011) Sonal Khullar Art History, Feminist Theory, Gender, Postcolonial
Sculptural Novelty and the Florentine Tradition: Francesco Mochi’s Orvieto Annunciation (2011) Estelle Lingo Art History, Italian, Renaissance, Sculpture
Beyond the Fold: Drapery in Seventeenth-Century Sculptural Practice and Criticism (2011) Estelle Lingo 17th Century, Art History, Early Modern, Sculpture
Cultural Participation’ by Group Material: Between the Ontology and the History of the Participatory Art Event (2011) Adair Rounthwaite Art History, Participatory Art
From This Body To Yours: Porn, Affect, and Performance Art Documentation (2011) Art History, Performance Art
Erratum: Brief Interruptions in the Waste Stream (2010) Michael Swaine Book Arts, Conceptual Art
Split Witness: Metaphorical Extensions of Life in the Art of Felix Gonzalez-Torres (2010) Adair Rounthwaite Art History
De Stijl (2010) Marek Wieczorek Art History
Le paradigme De Stijl (2010) Marek Wieczorek Art History
Mochi’s Edge (2009) Estelle Lingo Art History
Für die neue Welt": Georges Vantongerloo und das Versprechen der Kunst (2009) Art History
Contemporary Glass (2008) Mark Zirpel Glass, Sculpture
Art, Hesychasm and Visual Exegesis: Parisinus Graecus 1242 Revisited (2008) Ivan Drpić Art History
Jumping Scale, Mapping Space: Feminist Geographies at Work in the Art of Mona Hatoum (2008) Sonal Khullar Art History, Feminist Theory, Gender
Federico Barocci. Allure and Devotion in late Renaissance painting (2008) Stuart Lingo Art History, Painting, Renaissance
Veiled Subjects: Shirin Neshat and Non-Liberatory Agency (2008) Adair Rounthwaite Art History, Visual Culture
Life Raft in the Desert: Shawn Patrick Landis's Intervention in Double Negative (2008) Marek Wieczorek Sculpture
François Duquesnoy and the Greek Ideal (2007) Estelle Lingo Art History
Francesco Maria II della Rovere and Federico Barocci: some notes on distinctive strategies in patronage and the position of the artist at court (2007) Stuart Lingo Art History, Renaissance
Designing Type (2006) Karen Cheng Design, Typography, Visual Communication Design
Women and Children Last in Victorian Emigration Paintings (2006) Susan Casteras Art History, Gender, Painting, Victorian
From Magneple to Videowatercolors: The Heart Beat in Balth's Oeuvre (2006) Marek Wieczorek Art History
Piet Mondrian (2006) Marek Wieczorek Art History