Industrial Design student work

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Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Jumping Scale, Mapping Space: Feminist Geographies at Work in the Art of Mona Hatoum (2008) Sonal Khullar Art History, Feminist Theory, Gender
Federico Barocci. Allure and Devotion in late Renaissance painting (2008) Stuart Lingo Art History, Painting, Renaissance
Veiled Subjects: Shirin Neshat and Non-Liberatory Agency (2008) Adair Rounthwaite Art History, Visual Culture
Life Raft in the Desert: Shawn Patrick Landis's Intervention in Double Negative (2008) Marek Wieczorek Sculpture
François Duquesnoy and the Greek Ideal (2007) Estelle Lingo Art History
Francesco Maria II della Rovere and Federico Barocci: some notes on distinctive strategies in patronage and the position of the artist at court (2007) Stuart Lingo Art History, Renaissance
Designing Type (2006) Karen Cheng Design, Typography, Visual Communication Design
Women and Children Last in Victorian Emigration Paintings (2006) Susan Casteras Art History, Gender, Painting, Victorian
From Magneple to Videowatercolors: The Heart Beat in Balth's Oeuvre (2006) Marek Wieczorek Art History
Piet Mondrian (2006) Marek Wieczorek Art History
e-Scholarship in Architectural History (2005) Meredith Clausen Architecture, Art History
San hao mu (Tomb No. 3) (2005) Haicheng Wang Archaeology, Art History, Chinese
Winged Fantasies: constructions of childhood, innocence, adolescence, and sexuality in Victorian fairy painting (2004) Susan Casteras Art History, Victorian
The Symbolist Debt to Pre-Raphaelitism (2004) Susan Casteras Art History, Victorian
The Pan Am Building and the Shattering of the Modernist Dream (2004) Meredith Clausen Art History, Modernism
Piet Mondrian's Turn from Cubism to Neoplasticism (2004) Marek Wieczorek Art History
Painted Fictions: Commemorating the Everyday in Victorian Art (2003) Susan Casteras Art History, Victorian
Infopools und 'atmende' Bucherregale (2003) Meredith Clausen Art History
Art and Genomics: Phenotype and Genotype in Genetic Art (2003) Marek Wieczorek Art History, Biological Art
Three Scenes from the Cycle of Christ's Ministry in the Exonarthex of Sopoćani (2002) Ivan Drpić Art History
The Greek Manner and a Christian Canon: François Duquesnoy’s Saint Susanna (2002) Estelle Lingo Art History
Retrospection and the genesis of Federico Barocci's Immaculate Conception (2002) Stuart Lingo Art History, Renaissance
Zhongguo mache de qiyuan (The Origins of Chinese Chariot) (2002) Haicheng Wang Art History, Chinese
The SmArt Gene (or, Are We Not Alone in Our Esthetic Universe? (2002) Marek Wieczorek Art History, Biological Art, Contemporary
The Universe in the Living Room: Georges Vantongerloo in the Space of De Stijl -- Het heelal in de huiskamer: Georges Vantongerloo en de Nieuwe Beelding van De Stijl (2002) Marek Wieczorek Art History