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ART H 551 A: Seminar In Early Christian, Byzantine, And/or Medieval Art And Architecture

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Th 2:30pm - 5:20pm
ART 312
Ivan Drpic
Ivan Drpić

Syllabus Description:

Rublev, Христос.jpg

Autumn 2016, Thu 2:30–5:20, Art 312
Professor Ivan Drpić
Office: Art Building, Room 365
Office Hours: Wed 2:00–4:00 and by appointment

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This seminar explores the Byzantine icon and its legacy. Spanning nearly two millennia, from the emergence of Christian sacred portraiture to the reception of icon painting by the early twentieth-century avant-garde, the seminar will introduce you to the history, historiography, and theories of the icon. While our focus will be on Byzantium and the wider world of Orthodox Christianity, the seminar will also engage with fundamental questions concerning the nature, status, and agency of images across cultures. Topics to be addressed include iconoclasm and the problem of idolatry; the social and ritual lives of icons; authorship, originality, and replication; viewer response and the cultural construction of vision; the frontier between art and the sacred image; and the afterlife of the icon in modernity.

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Problems in early Christian, Byzantine, and medieval art and architecture. Content varies. Prerequisite: permission of instructor.
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