(balancing one’s own weight in a shadow of antithetical sides) by Paul Baughman

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ART 290 A: Beginning Drawing: The Figure

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TTh 2:30pm - 5:20pm
ART 304
Jonathan A Happ

Syllabus Description:

Art 290: Intro. To Figure Drawing Syllabus

This course will examine drawing as a means of inquiry through the study of the human figure.  Rather than teaching a way to draw the human figure, the model will be the subject through which to introduce basic drawing concepts and approaches such as gesture, contour, value, mark-making, composition and visual structure.  Instruction will include, demonstrations, slide presentations, individual and group critiques, and an occasional reading.  There will be some outside assignments.

Drawing the human figure will be explored through a range of exercises and specific problems as outlined below. Successful completion of these projects will not be based on a specific or predetermined outcome, but rather a creative individual response to a particular problem that effectively addresses and incorporates the concepts and issues at hand.  The work should demonstrate an understanding of a given concept (such as foreshortening, for example) by employing the formal strategies of linear perspective, distortion, placement and size relationship.  Students should develop the capacity to critically analyze work in the formal terms that are presented in class.  Participation in class critiques and discussion is mandatory and essential to the learning process.  Independent work completed outside the hours of the class is required.  Grading will based on successful completion of all projects, the degree of progress exhibited over the course of the quarter, and the quality of the work accomplished.  All assigned work, both in class and out of class, must be completed by the end of the quarter.  If and when a class is missed, the student should consult with the instructor about a suitable make-up assignment.


Catalog Description: 
Introduction to the human figure as historically traditional subject matter as well as an important component in self expression. Covers proportion, foreshortening, and composition. Prerequisite: ART 190.
GE Requirements: 
Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts (VLPA)
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