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ART 246 A: Works On Paper/monotype

We look forward to safely returning to in-person instruction and activities this autumn quarter. Current and prospective students please visit our COVID-19 Updates pages.
Summer Term: 
Meeting Time: 
MW 9:10am - 11:50am
ART 210
Curt Labitzke
Curt Labitzke

Syllabus Description:


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Summer 2016
Mon/Wed 9:10 – 11:50am
5 Credits
Room: 210

Instructors: Curt Labitzke   cwl@uw.edu
Claire Cowie   cmcowie@uw.edu
Instructional Technician: Kim van Someren   kimvs@uw.edu

NOTE: This course is team-taught.
Professor Labitzke teaches the first half of the quarter and Claire Cowie teaches the second half of the quarter. 

School of Art Policies

Monotypes are one-of-a-kind unique prints made from a plate that has no stable information in it, such as Plexiglas or metal.
This class is designed to introduce a range of monotype techniques including additive and subtractive painting and stencils.
There will be a focus on drawing, layering and experimentation.
You will have the opportunity to learn the basic steps involved in printing, to maintain a print shop and tools, and to develop technically and conceptually.
Frequent demonstrations and class participation is mandatory. A good deal of studio work-time outside of class is required.

Catalog Description: 
Introduces contemporary imaging methods, expands traditional drawing methods, and encourages relationship of content to structure. Introduces relationship of printmaking and painting to drawing through monotype methods.
GE Requirements: 
Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts (VLPA)
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