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ART 190 C: Introduction to Drawing

We look forward to safely returning to in-person instruction and activities this autumn quarter. Current and prospective students please visit our COVID-19 Updates pages.
Meeting Time: 
MW 8:30am - 11:20am
ART 301
Baorong Liang

Syllabus Description:

Welcome to Art 190C: Introduction to Drawing


Course Arrangement 

Week 1

3/27  Introduction to course expectations, syllabus, class policies, and art supplies.

3/29  Drawing mechanics and observation methods: drawing grip, measurement, proportion.

Week 2

4/3  Positive and negative spaces (ink), line, contour

4/5  Composition study

Week 3

4/10  Perspective study: one-point perspective, vanishing point, eye level.

4/12  Perspective study: two-point perspective, atmosphere perspective (aerial perspective).

Week 4

4/17  Value study: hatching, 6 elements of value.

4/19  Value study: value scale

Week 5

4/24  Ellipses study (foreshortened circles)

4/26  Landscape drawing

Week 6

5/1  Value study: light and Volume study

5/3  Texture study: surface, sense of visual weight.

Week 7

5/8  Depth study: interior

5/10  Depth study: exterior (landscape)

Week 8

5/15  Human study: skull

5/17  Human study: planar head drawing

Week 9

5/22  Human study: figure drawing (proportion, gesture)

5/24  Human study: figure drawing (proportion, gesture)

Week 10

5/29  Final project drawing and critique

5/31  Final project drawing and critique


Final evaluation

6/5 10:30-12:20, Art 301

Catalog Description: 
Builds basic drawing skills, develops understanding of primary concepts which relate to drawing and develops an understanding of the grammar or syntax of two-dimensional language. Students move beyond their current knowledge and abilities and link new skills, concepts, and understandings to creative expressing.
GE Requirements: 
Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts (VLPA)
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