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DESIGN 369 A: Visual Systems

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Meeting Time: 
MW 8:30am - 11:20am
ART 230
Annabelle Gould
Annabelle Gould

Syllabus Description:

DES369 will focus on the creation and development of a cohesive, innovative graphic system applied across a variety of media formats. Students in this class will explore organizational strategies and graphic interpretations of ideas using type, graphics and images, with the objective of creating a related network of dynamic solutions. Everything covered in Advanced Typography, Intro to Motion, Branding/Corporate Identity and Interface Design I will be utilized in this class. 

The challenge when developing a comprehensive design program is to present a compelling message and visual language without becoming repetitive or disjointed during execution. Topics covered in this course include:

1) The construction of meaning through verbal and visual language;
2) Designing for a system (rather than a single piece) that includes a wide range of media formats and sizes;
3) Integrating color, type, imagery and graphic elements to produce a compelling visual language that reinforces the chosen theme/topic;
4) Using a rigorous design process to develop provocative and smart solutions;
5) Issues related to audience, image creation and production.


Final Exam: Tuesday June 5 from 8:30–10:20am, ART 230

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Catalog Description: 
Investigates organizational strategies and graphic interpretations using typography, images and diverse applications of design, with the objective of creating a related network of dynamic solutions.
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