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ART 292 B: Beginning Painting

We look forward to safely returning to in-person instruction and activities this autumn quarter. Current and prospective students please visit our COVID-19 Updates pages.
Meeting Time: 
MW 11:30am - 2:20pm
ART 322
Krista Schoening
Krista Schoening

Syllabus Description:

Art 292, Beginning Painting

Spring 2019

Monday/Wednesday 11:30-2:30

Room: Art 322

Instructor: Krista Schoening


Office Hours – Mondays and Wednesdays 11:00-11:30

Final Exam: Wed June 12, 2:30-4:20 PM


*For the complete syllabus see "Files" for this class*


Course Description

Art 292 introduces students to the basic techniques and principles of oil painting. We will work from observation, focusing on value and color by moving gradually from a limited palette of black and white to a more extended palette, by degrees.

Two-week timeframe for (most) assigned paintings will give students time to understand the basic objectives of working with a particular palette and provide students with an opportunity to explore the materiality of oil paint – as well as the abstract, formal and conceptual ideas involved in making paintings. Students will work on paper, panel, and canvas.

Class Policies

Technology: Students are expected to adhere to a strict policy of no devices (phones, ear buds, etc) in the classroom during class (you may use your devices in the hallway on breaks). If you must take a phone call, set your phone to vibrate and leave the room to answer it. Feel free to use headphones to listen to music while working in the studio after hours – but please do not play music or podcasts out loud in the studio space, as it can distract others in the art building.

Accommodating Life’s Challenges: If you have a dire circumstance that necessitates your absence from class, please write to the instructor in advance to arrange a way to make up for your absence. Students whose family circumstances or housing status make regular participation difficult, please see the instructor to discuss coping strategies.

Your personal items/work: Please remove your personal belongings from the classroom at the end of each class. Lockers are available for rent on a per quarter basis. See the art office downstairs for details.

In-Class Assignments: There will be major weekly and bi-weekly assignments to complete in class, but you are also expected to put in an equal amount of time in the studio working on these assignments outside of class. Failure to do so will result in an incomplete or sub-par assignment.

Lateness: Class interruptions affect everybody – setting up to paint can be noisy and disruptive. Please arrive on time. In addition, the early part of class will be used for class demos, lectures, technical information, and occasional surveys, so arriving late can have a negative impact on your learning.


Your final grade:

Participation: 50%

Midterm Review: 25%

Final: 25%

Midterm review and final: For your mid-term review and final, you will submit paintings to the instructor and have a short, one-on-one critique with the instructor. Digital images of your submission, accompanied by a one-paragraph written reflection, will be due via Canvas on the Sunday previous to your review. You must bring the actual paintings to the review. Students will be graded on the completeness of their submissions, the quality of their work (engagement with the concepts, evidence of appropriate effort expended, and thoughtfulness of their reflection) and their ability to articulate their thoughts about the paintings in conversation with the instructor. Degree of student progress over the course of the class will be taken into consideration during the final.

Canvas Assignments: Because some of your assignments progress slowly over the course of two weeks, you will be required to submit progress images of your paintings via Canvas on a regular basis. This will help provide firm data for your participation contract.

Equal Opportunity: The School of Art reaffirms its policy of equal opportunity regardless of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, or status as a disabled veteran or Vietnam veteran in accordance with UW policy and applicable federal and state statutes and regulations.

Disability Accommodation: To request academic accommodation due to disability, please contact Disabled Student Services, 448 Schmitz, (206) 543-3924 (V/TTY). If you have a letter from Disabled Student Services indicating that you have a disability that requires academic accommodations, please present the letter to me so we can discuss the accommodations you might need in this class.

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Representatives from Dick Blick Art Supplies will be present on Monday, April 1st, with kits that include the following items, required for class. They will sell them to you in class, with a student discount. If you decide to source materials on your own, please contact the instructor about which of these items need to be certain brands and which are more flexible. If you do not already have what you need for oil painting, this kit from Dick Blick will probably be your most cost effective option. 


In The Dick Blick Kits:

Oil Paint

We will be working with an oil paint set by Gamblin, which includes:

  • Cadmium red light
  • Cadmium yellow light
  • Ultramarine blue
  • Yellow ochre
  • Burnt umber
  • Alizarin crimson
  • Viridian
  • Titanium white
  • Ivory black.

Your oil paint set comes with a board, which we will use for one of your assignments. If you decide to bring paint that you already own, you will need to purchase a suitable board.


For this class you will want a selection of nylon and bristle brushes, long handled. I suggest two Princeton Real Value Series brush sets as a place to start. You may acquire additional brushes as you develop a feeling for your preferences.

  • Set of 5 White Taklon Brushes (#9155) 
  • Set of 4 Bristle Brushes (#9131) 

Palette knives

  • Dick Blick by RGM style 30

  • Excel Hand-Held Scraper with blade

Painting Medium and solvent

  • Dick Blick Studio Linseed oil 8 oz.

  • Gamblin Gamsol, 1 Pint

Painting Supports

  • Canva-Paper (Canson) 12” x 16” pad
  • The wood panel that comes with your paint
  • Canvas, - 60” x 1 yard 12 oz. cotton, acrylic primed
  • Stretchers
4 Utrecht HD Stretcher/ Heavy Duty Stretchers 20”
4 Utrecht HD Stretcher/ Heavy Duty Stretchers 18”

  • Blick Artist’s Tape, Black, ¾ inch x 60 yards

Brush Cleaning

  • Silicoil Brush Tank 14oz
  • Disposable Gloves, nitrile powder-free, non allergenic (medium are in your kit – ask for a different size if you need it)


Not in the Kits but Required:

  • Ivory Soap, one or two bars (depending on how much you use). A soap box will also be useful to keep your soap from getting on your other things.
  • A small jar with a lid for your painting medium. If you do not have small jars with lids, you can purchase a 4 oz. painting jar and lid at an art supply store, or better yet get something from a grocery store, eat it, and wash out the jar.
  • A box to hold your supplies
  • Scissors
  • Palette/ paint box: studio painting tables have a sheet of plate glass attached, which you can use in the classroom. For painting at home or outside I suggest a wooden palette, but you are not required to purchase one for class.
  • A piece of flat cardboard (approx. 8.5” x 11” – exact measurements are not important)
  • Sketch book, charcoal, pencils, erasers

Non-essentials Items (useful if you have them)

  • Staple gun
  • Staples
  • Canvas pliers.


Art Supply Stores

Artist & Craftsman Supply – 4350 8th Avenue NE    (206) 545-0091

Blick Art Materials – 1600 Broadway Avenue            (206) 324-0750

Daniel Smith  – 4150 1st Avenue                             (206) 223-9599

University Bookstore  – 4326 University Way NE       (206) 634-3400


School of Art Building Hours: 

7:00 AM—7:00 PM Monday through Thursday
7:00 AM —5:00 PM Friday, 1:00 PM—5:00 PM Saturday, 9:00 AM—5:00 PM Sunday
Catalog Description: 
Beginning oil painting. Prerequisite: ART 290.
GE Requirements: 
Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts (VLPA)
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August 2, 2019 - 9:11pm