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ART 240 A: Intermediate Photomedia I

We look forward to safely returning to in-person instruction and activities this autumn quarter. Current and prospective students please visit our COVID-19 Updates pages.
Meeting Time: 
TTh 11:30am - 2:20pm
ART 116
Ellen Garvens
Ellen Garvens

Syllabus Description:

Selected sessions are scheduled to run synchronously at our scheduled class time via Zoom. These Zoom class sessions will be recorded. Recordings will capture the presenter’s audio, video and computer screen. Student audio and video will be recorded if they share their computer audio and video during the recorded session. The recordings will only be accessible to enrolled students for the purpose of reviewing materials. These recordings will not be shared publicly.

ART 240  Experimentation  and  Process in Photo/Media
Spring 2020                T TH 11:30 – 2:20     for pre-Photomedia Majors   
Ellen Garvens             Office hours: each day after class activity.
Learning Goals
  • increase your understanding of the creative possibilities and language of photography and its tools.
  • to push yourself with the assignments given – embracing failure, experimentation, process.
  • to clearly articulate ideas, questions and observations about art, including your own and other students’ work.
  • Acquire an increased understanding of your own potential as an artist.

On line resources for fine art photography and photo magazines:         \  (Conscientious Photography Magazine)

Schedule:   (subject to change)
Tuesday March 31.    Whole Class on Zoom
  goals, expectations, on-line format -- schedule for 2 groups
 Group one: 11:30 – 12:30  
 Group two: 1:00 – 2:00 
  introductions –break out groups
-----Visual assignment: Tennis Match (due next Tuesday)
-----Reading assignment next class: Martinez, LaGrande, Leski, Rose

Thursday April 2.      Whole Class on Zoom
Discuss reading assignments. grading for the class.
Collaboration progress check in.
“Lighting is the Subject” powerpoint share screen
-----Tech Assignment: watch videos for next Thursday

Nick’s Important Camera menu items–

Three-point lighting

Lighting 101: quality of light 

inverse square/fall of/ 

direction of light 

dark light

practical lighting

Nick's make shift lighting


Tuesday April 7.    Whole Class on Zoom
Critique on Tennis Match Visual Assignment
-----Visual Assignment: MSLE. due in one week
-----Participate in Light is the Subject Discussion by Thursday April 9

-----Tech assignment: Nick's new Photoshop basics video.

Thursday April 9.    Whole class on Zoom
Discuss camera and lighting tech videos and
Light is the Subject Discussion thread
Group Lighting Quiz

Tuesday April 14.  Split groups. Group A: 11:30 – 12:30.  Group B: 1:00 – 2:00
Critique on MSL assignment
-----Visual Assignment: FFI. due in April 28 two weeks
-----Reading Assignment: Blalock, Foam due thursday (under files/readings folder)
----Artists in Crisis Written Assignment:  2 pages on 2 artists due date May 21

Thursday April 16.  Whole Group
Discussion of readings
Look at Benji’s video –5 min.  Artist response to how photoshop tools suggest meaning. to an external site.Discuss Photoshop experience and needs
-----Tech assignment: review photoshop tutorials (Files/links to technical tutorials and info)
-----VOICETHREAD GroupTech assignment: upload VoiceThread sharing a photoshop technique learned.  Due  May 5th.
Short Discussion of Artist in crisis -- 2 page 500 - 1000 word paper.
(add artists who are using domestic spaces? VoiceThread no longer required for this assignment -- will use VoiceThread for the group photoshop tutorial instead. ) Paper due May 21

Tuesday April 21.  Group A.    Alijah, Amanda, Ariella, Sebastian, Wendong, Zefen,  Ray  at 11:30 
FFI Work in progress due (7 images in Spring 240 google folder)
Check in with tech and artist report progress

Thursday April 23.  Group B.    Felix, Garrett, Thanida, Tina, Yue,  Deon, Renee  at 11:30
FFI Work in progress due (7 images in Spring 240 google folder)
Check in with tech and artist report progress

Tuesday April 28.  Group A 
Critique of FFI
-----Visual Assignment: MM+FA due in 2 weeks
-----Video Assignment: OMV due in 3 weeks

Thursday April 30.  Group B
Critique of FFI
(same assignments as group A)


Tuesday May 5.  Whole Class on Zoom
Group VoiceThread Photoshop tutorials due.
Discussion of MM+FA work in progress
Powerpoint of artists for generating possible ideas
Links to Tutorials and help with questions about video editing
Using Preview or I Movie to edit videos
Reshuffle into groups A and B for next week's critique.
-----Optional Reading assignment: Why Art Photography? introduction (Links to an external site.)

Nick's new video editing tutorial in Adobe Pr (Links to an external site.)


Thursday May 7.  Whole class - will divide in to groups
MM+FA work in progress discussions.

Tuesday May 12.  Group B.  Amanda, Ariella, Garrett, Ray, Tina, Zefen, Deon
Critique MM+FA

Thursday May 14.  Group A. Alijah, Felix, Renee, Sebastian, Thanida, Wendong, Yue
Critique MM+FA

Tuesday May 19.  Whole Class
Critique OMV
-----Final Assignment: given
individual meetings -- feedback on quarter and ideas for final
Wed meeting times also

Thursday May 21. 
Paper on artists in crisis due
15 Things I Learned ppt
Rating survey given
individual meetings -- feedback on quarter and ideas for final
Friday meetings times  also

Tuesday May 26.  Group 1 at 11:30.  Group 2 at 12:30
work in progress meetings
comments on other students Voicethread due.

Thursday May 28.  Group 3 at 11:30.   Group 4 at 12:30
work in progress meetings

Tuesday June 2. Whole class
-----Discussion or Writing Assignment due final exam time

Thursday June 4. Whole class

Discussion/writing Assignment due


Catalog Description: 
Includes studio projects examining the expressive and conceptual uses of alternative photographic materials and techniques. May include and introduction to photography, large format, and studio lighting. Prerequisite: ART 140.
GE Requirements: 
Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts (VLPA)
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