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ART 440 A: Senior Thesis in Photomedia

We look forward to safely returning to in-person instruction and activities this autumn quarter. Current and prospective students please visit our COVID-19 Updates pages.
Meeting Time: 
TTh 2:30pm - 5:20pm
ART 116
Ellen Garvens
Ellen Garvens

Syllabus Description:

This will be the first Senior Thesis Photo/Media course offered on-line.  We all will  witness innovation and participation practiced in new ways. I am looking forward to working through this process together. I hope for it to be a memorable and meaningful quarter of genuine growth with your work and ideas in spite of the challenges of this new format and unchartered territory.

The Schedule is roughed in -- subject to changes.

Art 440        Senior Thesis in Photo/Media
Spring 2019             T TH 2:30 -5:20

Ellen Garvens  
Zoom office hours    after class and by appointment

---Senior Thesis Artwork, Artist Statement, and Bio exhibited on-line through the Jake. 
---Writing assignment. Each Other.  For use in the Photo/Media catalog.
---Participation in catalog of Photo/Media class. Organized by the Honors students
---Pathway Presentation
---Personal Website or exit portfolio created

tue mar 31

  • On -line discussion of shared experiences, goals, ideas
  • Intro and discussion of zoom and VoiceThread on-line protocol and exhibition strategies.
  • For first critique complete a VoiceThread show and discussion of your thesis work to date. (with progress from last quarter)
  • Draft of Artist Statement and Bio before our first on-line meeting.
  • Email me top 3 choices in order for Each Other                 

thu apr 2
individual meetings.  45 minutes.  Review of first draft statements, bios, and work 45 minutes

  1. 2:30____Ryann______
  2. 3:15 ____Jules______
  3. 4:00____Ana_______
  4. 4:45_____Jordan______
  5. 5:30__________

tue apr 7
individual meetings. 30 min each

  1. 2:30_____Yaran______
  2. 3:15 _____Shadrak_____
  3. 4:00______Trey_____
  4. 4:45______Takae_____
  5. 5:30_______Liv___

**wed apr 8
individual meetings. 30 min each

  1. 2:30_____Emily______
  2. 3:15 _____Chenxin_____

13. 4:00_____Katherine_____
14. 4:45_____Jolynn_____

thu apr 9
individual meetings. 30 min each

  1. 2:30_____Heewon_____
  2. 3:15 _____Matt_____
  3. 4:00______Kevin____
  4. 4:45______Jamie____
  5. 5:30______Elizabeth____

sat apr 11  Artist statement 150 -300 words and Artist Biography 300 words or less worksheets distributed by Emily Zimmerman. She will hold zoom office hours on T and TH 12 – 2 for questions.

tue apr 14. 
Whole class Zoom meeting  in the beginning -- for a discussion.

Then Critique for small group signed up for Tuesday. 
VoiceThread complete and images of your thesis progress to share.
Make comments on VoiceThreads of the whole class.

thu apr 16
Critique.  second half half group (10) Zoom meeting.  

VoiceThread complete and images of your thesis progress to share.
Make comments on VoiceThreads of the whole class.

tue apr 21
Whole class zoom meeting.
Emily Zimmerman visit to class to clarify questions about on-line show and catalog and interviews.
Each Other
essay assignment and discussion. 

Additional update discussion of work, statements, bio, interviews, catalog, etc.

thu apr 23
Small group or individual Zoom Discussion of Progress on all fronts.

tue apr 28
Whole class zoom meeting.

VoiceThread #2 for Open House due May 7. (Will be live May 14)
Each Other essays first draft. Uploaded to shared folder in google drive.
Small break-out groups to edit and comment on first draft.

Second draft due in one week.

Catalog discussion of format – what is required from each student by May 14
Last chance for feedback on statements and bio from Emily.....
Heads-up --MAY11  JLG deadline for work, bio and statement

thu apr 30
Quick progress report for everyone.

Individual conferences after.

thu apr 30  from Emily:
Submission deadline for students wanting feedback on their artist statement and artist biography. Please email your artist statement and/or artist bio to Artist statements and biographies received after this date will not receive feedback. 

tue may 5
2nd Draft of “Each Other” essays
Bio's and Statements updated drafts in google folder
Individual work on all things due for the Jake and Open house 

thu may 7
Open House VoiceThreads due
15 Things I learned in Art School ppt.
Website and Pathway presentation assignment given.  Due June 2.


from Emily:  mon may 11 (one month prior to website launch)
Please upload the following to the Google Drive, under the folder with your name:

    • 150 - 300 word artist statement
    • 200 – 400 word artist bio
    • 3 – 7 high resolution images of 1 – 2 artworks (300 dpi or higher). If you work in video, please supply an HD version of your video
    • Caption information for each piece including: Artist name, Title (year). Materials. Dimensions.

tue may 12 
TBD -- possible individual appts.

thu may 14
Final drafts of Each Other, Statements, jpegs and other catalog materials given to the Honors students.
Possible Guest Speaker.

tue may 19
Guest Artist Dennis DeHart Zoom talk at 2:30.
thu may 21
Zoom Meeting with BFA and BA alumni one or both days. 

tue may 26

thu may 28
Pathway Presentation – 5 min each.
Share Exit portfolio or website URL

 WEEK 10 
tue jun 2
Pathway Presentation – 5 min each.
Share Exit portfolio or website URL

thu jun 4
Pathway Presentation – 5 min each.
Share Exit portfolio or website URL

thu june 11
Jacob Lawrence Gallery BA Exhibition Website Launch




Catalog Description: 
Development of a coherent artistic theme or topic evolved over three consecutive quarters resulting in a finished thesis portfolio. Prerequisite: ART 340.
GE Requirements: 
Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts (VLPA)
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