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ART 245 A: Concepts in Printmaking

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Handmade Book Arts

Summer Term: 
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MTW 1:10pm - 4:00pm
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Claire Cowie
Claire Cowie

Syllabus Description:

Handmade Book Arts

NOTE: Though this course is listed as a printmaking course - it is open to and relevant for many techniques. Writers, art historians, sculptors, photographers, designers, painters, etc.
A Term  Mon,Tues,Wed 1:10 pm-4:00 pm

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This course (like all summer 2020 courses) will be offered online using Zoom for class sessions, discussions, critiques, individual feedback sessions, visitors, demos, etc., using Panopto and You Tube for asynchronous video tutorials, and Google Drive for image upload.

Instructor: Claire Cowie
Instructional Technician: Kim van Someren

This course can amplify work in photography, design, painting, printmaking, drawing, collage, sculpture, sewing, and social practice. We will focus on the creative and structural development of Handmade Artist Books. The course will take the students through a variety of structural models for books using methods such as accordion fold, a variety of stitching techniques, paper and cloth covers, and un-bound book forms. The course will address issues of sequential imagery, conceptual development of narrative, and the relationships between text, image, and structure. We will look at contemporary practices and innovations in book design as well as historical references. 

There will be structural skill-building assignments as well as projects focusing on conceptual development. Other assessments include several quizzes, short written exercises, group critiques, and class demonstrations.

Rubric Here

You will have an understanding of the vocabulary of handmade books, including basic 2D and 3D design terminology. You will make several structural models and at least 2 resolved books with content. You will learn two different ways to make book covers (soft and hard).

pamphlet stitch
accordion fold, tunnel books/concertina folds, nested accordions
Stab Binding (Japanese/Chinese historical sewn ledge-style bindings)
Multi-folio stitching (Romanesque Braid, simple 2-needle multi-signature sewing)
folded paper covers and bookcloth/board glued covers


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Catalog Description: 
Introduction to contemporary printing methods such as monotype, monoprint, stencil, and photocopy. Survey of historical and current approaches to the art of printmaking.
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Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts (VLPA)
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