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ART H 577 A: Seminar in Baroque Art

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Baroque Visuality between Perspective and the Photograph

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M 10:00am - 12:50pm
ART 312
Estelle LIngo
Estelle Lingo

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Prof. Estelle Lingo

Office: Room 359 Art Building


Office Hours: Wednesdays 4-6 pm and by appointment


Baroque Visuality between Perspective and the Photograph

This seminar will explore, contest, and develop claims regarding the character and historical significance of baroque visuality in relation to the study of seventeenth-century painting in Europe and the New World. In the art historical literature, the “baroque” occupies an ill-defined position between the achievements of the Renaissance and the ruptures of modernity, and is often viewed as derivative or “late” in its continuities with the past and as merely instrumental or “propagandistic” in its innovations. While seventeenth-century developments in optics, perspective, and visual technologies are acknowledged, they remain under-interrogated and frequently serve as foils to larger narratives of naturalism and realism in the Western tradition, including the emergence of photography. Engaging both newer and now classic accounts of seventeenth-century art from within and from outside the subfield of the “baroque,” the seminar will provide an opportunity to rethink issues central to the discipline. Particular attention will be given to the pan-European phenomenon of Caravaggism, probing its distinctive visual experiments and the historical reasons for the institutional elimination of this form of image-making within a half century of its first appearance.

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Iconographic and stylistic problems of the art of the Baroque period, with emphasis on the principal research methods, theories, and types of literature dealing with the art of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in Europe.
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