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DESIGN 369 A: Visual Systems

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Meeting Time: 
MW 12:30pm - 3:20pm
ART 247
Annabelle Gould
Annabelle Gould

Syllabus Description:

Annabelle Gould
Associate Professor, Visual Communication Design
Office Hours: M 11:30–12:30pm / Room 251



This course will focus on the creation and development of a cohesive, innovative visual system applied across a variety of media formats. In this class you will explore organizational strategies and graphic interpretations of themes using typography and imagery, with the objective of creating a related network of dynamic solutions. Everything covered in Advanced Typography, Introduction to Motion, Branding and Interface I will be utilized in this class.

The challenge when developing a comprehensive design program is to present a compelling message that uses engaging visual language without becoming repetitive or disjointed in the execution. Topics covered in this course include:

1) The construction of meaning through verbal and visual language;
2) Designing for a system (rather than a single product) that includes a wide range of media formats and sizes;
3) Integrating color, type, imagery and graphic elements to produce a compelling visual language that reinforces the chosen theme/topic;
4) Using a rigorous design process to develop provocative and smart solutions;
5) Issues related to audience, image creation and production. 


Course Structure + Requirements

The quarter will consist of two projects: a form studies assignment and one longer
system project with several components. Class time will be split between lectures,
critiques, and workdays. For large critiques the class will be split into two groups
(A and B). One group will present on Mondays, the other will present on Wednesdays.


Final Exam

Thursday June 13, 8:30–10:20am in 247 (attendance is expected)


Grading Breakdown

Project 1 (30% each)
Project 2 (50% each)
Class participation, individual effort and process (20%)


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Investigates organizational strategies and graphic interpretations using typography, images and diverse applications of design, with the objective of creating a related network of dynamic solutions.
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