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Julie Martin
Creative, kind, dripping with talent, fabulous hostess, wonderful capacity for friendship, exceptionally vivacious. That's how friends describe Julie Martin (BA 1974). After Martin's untimely death in 2005, friends established the Julaine Martin Endowed Scholarship in the Arts in her honor. The initial scholarships were awarded in 2010 to one graduate student from each of the School of Art's three divisions—Art, Art History, and Design—with recipients meeting Martin's husband and friends at a luncheon in the Jacob Lawrence Gallery last quarter. Read more
Mary Louise Hart
Mary Louise Hart (MA 1983) has been passionate about ancient Greek art since taking her first course on the subject. After earning her PhD and securing a tenured faculty position, she was invited to join the Getty Museum as a curator, with responsibilities that have included developing a program for the Getty Villa's new outdoor theater. While Hart had in-depth knowledge of ancient Greek art and a PhD minor in classical Greek language, performance of ancient theater had been a peripheral interest for her. Now she had to learn everything she could about the subject Read more
Christopher Ozubko
No doubt you have heard about the significant funding cuts facing higher education in Washington State. We do not yet know the specifics of how this will affect the University of Washington and the School of Art, but we do know the outcome will be the greatest budget cut the University has ever experienced. ...We will have to do more with less, meaning we will have to increase the size of our classes without additional TAs and faculty, and we will have to embrace and focus on the best of what we have to offer. Read more
Sonal Khullar
Thanks to a successful partnership with South Asian Studies in the Jackson School of International Studies, the School of Art received funding for a new position in South Asian art history, with assistant professor Sonal Khullar joining the faculty in Autumn 2009. South Asia refers to the present-day nation states of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka; Khullar's course offerings cover this region as well as the history of modernism and modernity in non-Western contexts. Read more
Christopher Ozubko
Welcome to the School of Art’s first electronic newsletter! The University took the initiative to go green a number of years ago and the School of Art is following suit to reduce its paper consumption and save during this economically challenging environment. One of the most significant highlights from the last academic year was the ten-year review of the School of Art's academic programs. The review committee--three faculty from the UW and three from peer institutions--noted that the school has made significant positive changes to position itself as a major unit within a large research university. Read more


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