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A Sign in the Pattern

Katherine Anderson Tuft. "A Sign in the Pattern: The Creation of Mary Seton Watts’s Ideal Design in the Compton Mortuary Chapel (Surrey, England, 1898)." PhD Dissertation, University of Washington, 2018.

This dissertation addresses the hierarchal categorization and canonization of the arts as influenced by dominant power structures through the work of turn of the century artist Mary Seton Fraser-Tytler Watts and the Compton mortuary chapel, or Watts Chapel, project in the Guildford district of Surrey, UK. The built environment of the Compton mortuary chapel and cemetery was largely conceived and designed by Mary Watts. It evades strict categories separating decoration from architectural design just as it also evades stylistic categorization. The chapel project confuses and resists boundaries, demonstrating that categories are often arbitrary and lead to privileged hierarchies…

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