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Upcoming Art History Courses

We look forward to safely returning to in-person instruction and activities this autumn quarter. Current and prospective students please visit our COVID-19 Updates pages.

Please note: Due to space and resource limitations during the regular school year, we are unable to offer studio courses to non-matriculated students. Non-matriculated students are welcome during summer quarter. Auditors are not allowed in studio courses.

Listings for future quarters are tentative and subject to change. For the most up-to-date information, please consult the UW Time Schedule. For a listing of all courses potentially offered, see the Course Catalog.

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Winter 2022

Art History (ART H) Courses

Course Course Title (click for details) SLNsort descending Instructor Meeting Time
ART H 200 A Art In The Modern Imagination: Athena To Lady Gaga 10493 Marek Wieczorek TTh 10:00am - 11:20am
ART H 200 AA Art In The Modern Imagination: Athena To Lady Gaga 10494 Or Vallah W 9:30am - 10:20am
ART H 200 AB Art In The Modern Imagination: Athena To Lady Gaga 10495 Or Vallah W 10:30am - 11:20am
ART H 200 AC Art In The Modern Imagination: Athena To Lady Gaga 10496 Giordano Conticelli W 11:30am - 12:20pm
ART H 200 AD Art In The Modern Imagination: Athena To Lady Gaga 10497 Giordano Conticelli W 12:30pm - 1:20pm
ART H 201 A Survey Of Western Art-Ancient 10498 Sarah Levin-Richardson MWF 1:00pm - 2:20pm
ART H 203 A Survey Of Western Art-Modern 10499 Kolya Rice MW 10:00am - 11:20am
ART H 203 AA Survey Of Western Art-Modern 10500 Kira Sue T 9:30am - 10:20am
ART H 203 AB Survey Of Western Art-Modern 10501 Kira Sue T 10:30am - 11:20am
ART H 203 AC Survey Of Western Art-Modern 10502 Ananya Sikand T 11:30am - 12:20pm
ART H 203 AD Survey Of Western Art-Modern 10503 Ananya Sikand T 12:30pm - 1:20pm
ART H 309 A Topics In Art History 10504 Miriam Chusid MWF 10:00am - 11:20am
ART H 309 B Topics In Art History 10505 Melanie Enderle MWF 11:30am - 12:50pm
ART H 310 A Chinese Art And Archaeology Neolithic To Han Dynasty 10506 Haicheng Wang TTh 12:30pm - 2:20pm
ART H 390 A American Architecture Through An Ecological Lens 10508 Meredith Clausen TTh 10:30am - 12:20pm
ART H 400 A Art History And Criticism 10509 Kolya Rice MW 1:00pm - 2:20pm
ART H 413 A Selected Topics In Chinese Art 10510 Haicheng Wang TTh 10:30am - 11:50am
ART H 443 A Roman Painting 10511 Kathryn R. Topper MWF 8:30am - 9:20am
ART H 484 A Topics In Modern Art 10512 Marek Wieczorek TTh 1:00pm - 2:20pm
ART H 491 A Twentieth-Century Architecture 10513 Meredith Clausen TTh 1:00pm - 2:20pm
ART H 498 A Individual Projects, Undergraduate Practicum 10514 to be arranged
ART H 499 A Individual Projects 10515 to be arranged
ART H 500 A Methods Of Art History 10516 Estelle Lingo W 2:30pm - 5:20pm
ART H 511 A Seminar In Chinese Art 10517 Haicheng Wang TTh 10:30am - 11:50am
ART H 581 A Seminar In Modern Art 10518 Marek Wieczorek TTh 1:00pm - 2:20pm
ART H 591 A Seminar In Twentieth-Century Architecture 10519 Meredith Clausen TTh 1:00pm - 2:20pm
ART H 597 A Graduate Internship 10520 to be arranged
ART H 598 A Master's Practicum 10521 to be arranged
ART H 598 B Master's Practicum 10522 to be arranged
ART H 599 A Reading And Writing Projects 10523 to be arranged
ART H 600 A Independent Study Or Research 10524 to be arranged
ART H 700 A Master's Thesis 10525 to be arranged
ART H 800 A Doctoral Dissertation 10526 to be arranged